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Andre Rojo also stars in imdb:tt1512235 and this film is touching and thoughtful.  It also does violence and death two thing missing from most  comic films. 14 more words



Is Heidi* with guns (imdb: tt0993842) and is a perfect for showing the problems of Hollywood with no mainstream cinema release, minimal dialogue (words are bad)  and lots of action.  44 more words


Dark City

imdb: tt0118929 was wrecked at the cinema in 1998, subsequent cuts and widescreen then saved the film on dvd and eventually caught my attention recently as it proves that cinema operators are rather big in chav and asbo films. 41 more words


Les Aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec

imdb: tt1179025 is a witty french film that mixes amiele with old Egypt.  Its not heavy going and even has humour in it.

A fun 2/5 bananas.



imdb: tt0390384 from 2004 is well worth seeing

5/5 bananas


A boy and his dog

imdb: tt0072730 was made in 1970’s and is a story by Harlan Elison dealing with the end of society.  It is dark and has Don Johnson and a dog as the main cast.  12 more words


Whip it

imdb: tt1172233 from 2009 is worth a see.