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Originally published a version of this on my Moviepilot page. The site has closed down so enjoy this updated version of my article.

Last week summer arrived in all of its blazing glory and with it the arrival of more summer blockbusters (these type of films begin earlier and earlier each year).  734 more words


Fates Worse Than Death: Adventures of Captain Marvel

Deep in the rugged mountains between Siam and Burma, the Malcolm Archaeological Expedition has reached its destination, the Valley of the Tombs, in the shadow of Mount Scorpio. 3,469 more words


406 | Pass On What You Have Learned

What an incredible composition of the original, prequels, and the sequels.  Break out the tissues.  Be sure to check more of Heroes Fan Productions!


5 Favorite Characters From The Jurassic Park Films

Today  the latest entry in the Jurassic Park film franchise, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom arrived in theaters. Whether or not you enjoy the sequels to the first film Jurrassic Park, they do draw a crowd who at first ooh and aah over the films and then later run and scream in either in delight or horror at what they’ve witness on the big screen. 814 more words


404 | En Fuego!

Make sure to check out this incredible piece of art by Porfirio Jimenez!