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The Killing Joke movie review

Spoilers!!! (No shit)

Oh boy, have I been waiting for this film for ages.

Ever since I discovered the Killing Joke comic, I’ve been anxious to see if there would ever be a film adaptation of this someday. 1,173 more words

To dance with my father again

Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge,,
inspite of the abuse and the hurts, to give love in return is worth than hating.

So touching story. Your dad, papa or whatever you call your father, might not be the perfect one or he might be hardest person on earth, but Jesus showed through His wildest love how to turn broken relationships into whole again. 73 more words



Wanted to watch a movie to make me cry. Didn’t like it much. Pei Pei was good. Leung was very good. Didn’t/Don’t like Winshaw that much. 7 more words


Worst Picture Winners: Jack and Jill

When it comes to review and analysis for the sake of education, sometimes the best movies to review are the ones that fail on such a catastrophic level that they become a perfect example of what  921 more words

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I’m reorganizing my blog after getting some ideas from my latest Graduate class. Prior to picking this format I used to use pages, and now I want to organize solely by tag and category.   432 more words


The Science of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Luke Skywalker has vanished! Thankfully every other plot device in the universe is in plain sight. The three Skype-walkers connect from across the continent to remind you not to sleep on The Force Awakens! 42 more words

The Hateful Eight (Spoiler-Free) Review

Ladies, gents, and other such creatures, Christmas came just on time this year. But not because of the fat, red, bearded man that invades your houses and eats your cookies. 1,166 more words