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Movie Review: The Miracle Worker

Movie Review: The Miracle Worker

Saluting the teachers:

To the world, you may be just a teacher but to your students you are a HERO. 82 more words


Rebekah Reviews "Fifty Shades Darker"

It’s no secret…I hated Fifty Shades of Grey. So, it was a nice surprise when Fifty Shades Darker, a sequel, was better than the first installment. 304 more words


Movie review: Dangal aims high but misses the gold medal

Dangal wants to have the best of both drama and reality, but ends up being stranded in no man’s land

Breaking News : It’s not often that the opening credits of a Bollywood film make you smile. 426 more words

TRAILER REVIEW: Five things i don't like about the fast and furious 8 trailer.

Last week Sunday, Universal Studio released their first official trailer for the 8th installment the the Fast and Furious franchise. amidst a lot of buzz. 504 more words

Crackers With Brain

The Killing Joke movie review

Spoilers!!! (No shit)

Oh boy, have I been waiting for this film for ages.

Ever since I discovered the Killing Joke comic, I’ve been anxious to see if there would ever be a film adaptation of this someday. 1,173 more words

To dance with my father again

Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge,,
inspite of the abuse and the hurts, to give love in return is worth than hating.

So touching story. Your dad, papa or whatever you call your father, might not be the perfect one or he might be hardest person on earth, but Jesus showed through His wildest love how to turn broken relationships into whole again. 73 more words