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The Best Spot in the world may not be where you think it is

There isn’t One Best Place in the world.

That came to me Tuesday as perfectly clear blue skies tempted me outside, despite 19 degree temperatures. My winter brain desperately needed the sunshine. 988 more words


The chapter may be ending, but the book keeps going

Since last summer, I’ve felt I’ve been dying a slow death. We’re in the long process of moving cross country in June, but not until some major events in our family occur: a granddaughter born, a daughter off to college and back again, a son marrying, another son returning home. 868 more words

Just Ranting . . .

Final Drops

Plans are being solidified and moves are being made. My departure date to the west coast is set on January 2nd. Around this time last year, wild dreams of moving to the west coast were played in my head. 241 more words

Digital Photography

6 Things I learned From Moving Cross Country

I recently started a new part-time teaching job that has perfectly fit into my creative lifestyle, but It’s caused me to be a little remiss at adding to the blog. 880 more words

Farewell Jacksonville, Florida!

Well the time finally came for us to bid farewell to our childhood home. It was very bittersweet. Part of me was sad to leave friends and family, part of me knew I would miss the vast blue skies and salty Atlantic ocean. 159 more words


Moving Day is Moving Up!

It has been an unfortunate amount of time since I have updated this travel blog! But that is because things have been so crazy! We are moving a lot sooner than we originally anticipated! 192 more words


Moving from Chicago to Arizona: What I've Learned So Far

Our move date is August 11th. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Get estimates from three movers. We have a two-bedroom apartment. The first estimate came in at $6,300, the second $7,100 and the third $5,200. 865 more words