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Is there a Master To Do List for moving cross country? Project Manager: There is now!

I love making lists. In middle school, I used to write “eat breakfast” on my to-do list so I’d have something to cross off. Don’t judge – breakfast is important. 572 more words

Moving Cross-country

What happens when a So Cal girl moves to Wisconsin? Let's find out together.

Circa 2013

I’m the kind of girl who puts a sweatshirt on when the temperature dips below 70*F. I’ve lived in So Cal almost my whole life (exceptions: Davis, … 296 more words

Moving Cross-country

Embracing Flux

I started this blog in the winter of 2014 in preparation for moving across country from TN to OR with my husband and our dog. Though our close friends and family knew of our intentions, I had to keep things under wraps and private for a few months until giving notice with my employer, so the blog sat mostly untouched in the early months. 2,228 more words


Boiling brownies and other hazards of life at sea level.

I’ve been living on the coast of Maine for 10 days now, and I’m utterly useless at functioning at sea level.

First, I can’t bake at 20 feet altitude. 1,071 more words


Move from Utah to Maine, Day 4--Welcome to the east, Kirtland, and our 29th anniversary

(Current location, Batavia, NY, a town in upstate New York which has at least four different ways to pronounce it and we’re probably still not saying it correctly.) 964 more words


Move from Utah to Maine, Day 2--Siri lies, "Housebuilder" joins us, and Nebraska is as long as Wyoming

Our 9.5 hour drive took 14+ hours, and I still don’t know why. But we made it to Indianoloa, Iowa, and while I hoped to be more coherent this evening, that ain’t gonna happen, so let’s not even pretend. 1,030 more words


Move from Utah to Maine, Day 1--House is cleaned, children are dense, Wyoming is long

Drive from Utah to Maine, Day 1

(Current location, Cheyenne, Wyoming. “No, kids—not Shee-YEE-NEE. I don’t care how you sound it out.”)

Woke up at 3:30 am in Hyrum Utah, because who can sleep when there’s 5 hours of cleaning to do, finishing packing two vans and a moving truck, and an 8-hour drive to Wyoming. 950 more words