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Move from Utah to Maine, Day 4--Welcome to the east, Kirtland, and our 29th anniversary

(Current location, Batavia, NY, a town in upstate New York which has at least four different ways to pronounce it and we’re probably still not saying it correctly.) 964 more words


Move from Utah to Maine, Day 2--Siri lies, "Housebuilder" joins us, and Nebraska is as long as Wyoming

Our 9.5 hour drive took 14+ hours, and I still don’t know why. But we made it to Indianoloa, Iowa, and while I hoped to be more coherent this evening, that ain’t gonna happen, so let’s not even pretend. 1,030 more words


Move from Utah to Maine, Day 1--House is cleaned, children are dense, Wyoming is long

Drive from Utah to Maine, Day 1

(Current location, Cheyenne, Wyoming. “No, kids—not Shee-YEE-NEE. I don’t care how you sound it out.”)

Woke up at 3:30 am in Hyrum Utah, because who can sleep when there’s 5 hours of cleaning to do, finishing packing two vans and a moving truck, and an 8-hour drive to Wyoming. 950 more words


#Whisker Wednesday : Cats, traveling, harnesses , leashes...a stroller? 

Today’s #WhiskerWednesday is brought to you by our still-upset babies that LOATHED our cross country move… they really want us to figure out how to make them feel comfortable going outside. 818 more words

What Do You Think?

Moving' on down the road?... you have got to be KITTEN' me!!

Howdy y’all!

Can we talk?

I don’t even know where to begin this post as I realize that I’ve been absent for about two years now… … 363 more words


The Best Spot in the world may not be where you think it is

There isn’t One Best Place in the world.

That came to me Tuesday as perfectly clear blue skies tempted me outside, despite 19 degree temperatures. My winter brain desperately needed the sunshine. 988 more words


The chapter may be ending, but the book keeps going

Since last summer, I’ve felt I’ve been dying a slow death. We’re in the long process of moving cross country in June, but not until some major events in our family occur: a granddaughter born, a daughter off to college and back again, a son marrying, another son returning home. 868 more words

Just Ranting . . .