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It's all happening

I want to talk about something that most people who are are dealing with depression don’t really talk about; depression and alcohol. Back in October of 2012 when I was first diagnosed as being depressed, I liked to go out like most 20 year olds my age, I was at university and there was nothing more tempting than going out into town for some cheap drinks at a well known club. 517 more words


How Healing Happened

How did healing happen?

I think I saw and had these tiny moment of freedom… tiny moments of not hurting but instead laughing… not obsessing and wondering, not noisy non-stop chatter of my mind but instead quiet and stillness and breath. 131 more words


Canadian province puts up $40-million for workers losing jobs during the end of coal

❝ Alberta is putting aside $40 million to help workers losing their jobs as the province transitions away from thermal coal mines and coal-fired power plants over the next decade.

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This GentleBitch's Beginning

Never thought I’d be starting a blog with the full intention of ever making something out of it. I have a tumblr ( we all have a tumblr ), but, like most tumblrs, it’s full of relatable reblogs, cute animals, and gayness. 523 more words

20+ Year Olds

Catch Up

It’s been a busy past couple of days for me (hence the lack of blog posts!), as I’ve mentioned before I’m currently attending university, I’m in my second last semester right now, and that winds up within the next few weeks. 366 more words


Home Truths

I’m going to tell you a secret.

I’m not all rainbows and sunshine, usually I’m dark and twisty armed with a whole leap of sarcasm. It’s who I am, who I’ve always been for as long as I can remember. 512 more words