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Call to action

Deep down inside, there’s a muted voice wanting to break through the clutter and chaos, wanting to help other people who were or are dealing with similar issues or hardships. 143 more words


Hold on / let go

Negativity has long been an established piece of myself, built into the foundation of who I am; it is what I’ve unknowingly built upon from the very beginning, brick upon brick, year after year. 440 more words



Many moons ago, there was a girl who couldn’t be honest with anyone, even herself.  She ran from the open arms of the people that loved her and dismissed any praise or warm words because she truly felt —  557 more words


Midshift Blues

There’s so much more I could be doing right now, and nothing else will make me nearly as happy as writing will; the difference between the reality I lead now — at a job I’ve lost all interest in — and the dream I want to pursue is simply putting myself out there and going for it. 103 more words



I never used to get writer’s block, so I can’t really use it as an excuse now when I actually do feel I get it, I suppose.   509 more words


Arduous Path

As someone currently in the long and arduous process that is self improvement, I can say that the biggest hinderance one can have during this journey is holding onto misdirected or ill-willed intentions from the past.   832 more words


Writing, to me

A wise man, whom I incidentally am married to, once said, “If something is worth it, it’s gotta be hard to get.” — and I married him for a good reason, even if it took me a long time for his resolute reason and logic to sink in.   1,119 more words

Moving Forwards