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Moving on - A common topic

Ever noticed when you talk about something with someone, you’ll have a dozen similar conversations, not linked to one another but about the same thing in a short amount of time? 453 more words

Moving Forwards

My pain threshold

I went to the hair dressers today because I needed a change. I have had really long shiny blue black hair for a really long time and it was time. 366 more words

Moving Forwards

Heartbreak - the journey

Way back when, I said I’d post if I worked out how to get through heartbreak. Or rather, if I had anything more useful to say than… 745 more words


Living in the moment

The future isn’t fun to think about anymore. As much as I try to see the positives in things and talk myself around, the reality of life without him now is pretty dull. 288 more words

Moving Forwards


I was talking to a friend the other night about anxiety and it’s made me really really think about what my levels are at moment. Thank goodness for that. 332 more words

Moving Forwards

No one expects you to save the world, otherwise you would have been born wearing a cape and tights!

I sit here writing this post at Emily’s laptop surrounded by her things, as a glass of daffodils hold hope on the windowsill.

The title of this post are the words on a poster above her bed and it ends by saying ‘Just do the best you can’. 384 more words


I can see you showing me you're still around...

I’ve touched on my spirituality a few times but not gone into great detail. I’m not going to do that today either, one day I might. 699 more words

Moving Forwards