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Everywhere I go, you go.

Off to Tasmania this afternoon. It’s funny, I never really saw myself going there. It was one of those places I sort of put on the Yeah, if it happens or comes up, I guess I’ll go but I never really put any weight into thinking I would. 193 more words

Moving Forwards

Rusi - The dream God

He’s the master of dropping in when he needs to. His messages are clear and I very rarely have to decipher them because he speaks directly to me, shows me or makes me feel something in particular. 1,111 more words

Moving Forwards

Expectation. The hidden beast.

I put this up on my Insta account the other week and it got shared several times by my friends. This clearly rings true for a lot of people. 401 more words

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Good news, we are back on track!

Thankfully we have found a solution to our structural dilemma. Our engineer has confirmed that the external leaf of the new cavity walls for bedroom 3 can be supported on 10mm steel plates. 67 more words


The Dinner Party

Around the time of Mum’s death, I came across The Dinner Party. It originates in America, and there is currently only one Dinner Party in the UK (based in London). 146 more words


The spike after a plateau...

Be warned, this post is likely to be too spiritual for a lot, though there will be a few whom this resonates with. This is for you. 490 more words

Moving Forwards

CLIL material for English language learners

Educators Laura Mautone and Elsa Barratt have published a history book for English language learners in upper secondary school. The book is modelled after the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) method, a popular ESL teaching method in Europe.  107 more words