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Monday Motivation: The Elements of Change 

“As my circumstances look at me, I do not let them define me” – Syl


Day by day as we go through our daily life, in some way we are changing the circumstances around us. 411 more words


Emotional reflections

It’s interesting looking at the feelings associated with the first year milestones and then comparing to the second years days.

A lot have been different. I’ve learned to live without him, mostly. 382 more words

Moving Forwards

Starting Out Again!

I decided to start a blog around my art and writing as I will soon be embarking on a new journey at university (at the ripe old age of 35!) doing a ‘BA Hons Drawing’ degree with the University of the Creative Arts. 941 more words


Needing to let go vs wanting to let go

There is a massive difference in the needing and wanting. HUGE.

If I could hold onto him forever, I would. If holding onto him brought him back, I’d hold on until my last breath in the hopes that I’d get to spend one more second with him here. 416 more words

Moving Forwards

Only we know...

While I was in Thailand, I got a tattoo on my ribs that says “Only we know”.

Since Russ died, I can’t tell you the amount of people that have let slip what others have said about us. 465 more words

Moving Forwards

I don't get to be her again

Widows struggle with many many different facets of this new life but something Im really struggling with this week is that I will never again be the person I was before I lost him. 514 more words

Moving Forwards

Your Town

What have we learnt? 

Been an interesting couple of days, and I missed Azeroth, so yesterday I went and flew to places that normally give me comfort in difficult times, thinking long and hard about the notion of Community. 409 more words

Moving Forwards