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Dear Rusi

*Gasp* She said his name…
To my darling husband, Rusi…

I was dancing around in the lounge room tonight to a song that just came out. 243 more words

Moving Forwards

There was a time...

There was a time in the not too distance past that I no longer wanted to exist and it’s really hard to even understand that headspace now. 309 more words

Moving Forwards

How do I inspire the masses?

I just spent the weekend in Melbourne at the Empowering Women’s conference run by the beautiful Kristy Vallely – CEO of The Imperfect Mum, one of Australia’s top Mummy forum/blogging sites. 683 more words

Moving Forwards

But... What if you get married again?

I’ve had people ask me this, because of the lengths I’ve got to to memorialise Husband. They’re permanent.

The tattoo on my wrist that tells a story. 442 more words

Moving Forwards

Not dead yet

So…. safe to say it’s been a wee while: a fair few months since my last post, and a fair few more months since anything approaching regular blogging. 621 more words


Ever changing grief

14mths ago I had no true understanding of grief. None.

I often described myself as emotionally disabled because when I did lose someone, I was quite blasé about it. 422 more words

Moving Forwards

So, what are you going to do about that?

Fact #1: Everybody dies.

Fact #2: There is not one single human on this planet who will live eternally in the life they’re currently living. 195 more words

Moving Forwards