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Emotions, emotions, emotions... 💜📝

I need space to think about how I really feel. When you have to much going on it can be difficult to suss out your feelings towards any situation. 115 more words

Our Brexit

Yes! We are having our own Brexit and we want it in style. Let the Land of bicycles and tulips welcome us with open arms. Everything is just falling into place at the right time and in the right place. 447 more words


If I had a choice, I wouldn't feel this way.

I’m tormented this morning and frankly, that feeling can go and fuck itself.

A day out from our wedding anniversary. I thought I was going to be fine this year but apparently not. 250 more words

Moving Forwards

5 months home: Understanding the importance of time

Time permeates every aspect of our lives. It has been an integral facet in my own determination of my success throughout the relocation back home. I judge myself on my ability to utilise time efficiently. 358 more words

Wandering Eli

April 11th - just another day?

I held my breath this morning while I checked my On this Day on Facebook. What would I see?

Ouch. A day of fun in Thailand with my love and my kids. 333 more words

Moving Forwards


“The great thing about symbolism – the symbolism you create – is that no one can stop you from remaking its meanings,” he realised.

“And the grandest thing about the poetry of love which you obviously practice is that when rejection total totally hits home, the rhymes and words and verbs and sounds immediately can describe another,” she replied. 203 more words


Can't get / Don't fret

If you can’t get what you want

Get something else;

If you can’t get who you want

Want someone else;

If you can’t see a way… 97 more words