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Conscious wavelengths

I’ve been very mindful of starting this relationship fresh. Whole new beginning. Something completely different which of course is the completely rational way of doing this but emotionally, it’s harder to pull off. 291 more words

Moving Forwards

A Far Cry From Yesterday: A Poem 

Summing up the time of times gone by,

I can clearly see why they are left behind.

Yet my mind wonders why they are left to die, … 79 more words


What is this feeling... Happy?

I was sure my heart was done with the madness of another person equal to me. Done.

I’d resigned myself to the fact that I’d had my one true love and that was that. 253 more words

Moving Forwards

Friendship evolution

It’s interesting, time hop can show you moments gone past and have a huge effect on your headspace regarding things you wondered about.

Today’s one featured an act of kindness on my part. 538 more words

Moving Forwards

Dear Rusi... On your third heavenly birthday

To my heavenly husband on what would have been your 38th birthday,

So much has changed. I stood looking back at the last 2 and a bit years wondering how we all got here without you. 140 more words

Moving Forwards

Category 5 Cyclone

If I was to sum up my life, this is how I would describe it.

I’ve done it all. At just 34, I’ve been a teen Mum, a single mum, a solo parent with a partner. 777 more words

Moving Forwards

When you're ready, you'll just know

A lot of people have spoken to me about moving on in the relationship sense over the last couple of years and I wasn’t sure if I’d ever truly be ready. 307 more words

Moving Forwards