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Book Excerpt - 'Patterns in Your Body' - Your Legs

Being Present and Feeling that We Belong

Our legs are significant in the action of moving forwards, both in walking and in our life direction.  A person’s legs, as with the lower back can be affected by their feeling unsure of themselves or held back in life. 140 more words


My Healing Story - Jet- Propelled Legs!

Legs – I’m just never in mine! I struggle to feel really grounded. But today, pushing my son in is pedal go-kart up a hill… 9 more words

01. MY HEALING JOURNEY - Learning To Trust Myself & The World

Will the real acceptance please stand up?

I’ve spoken about acceptance before and at different points, I thought I was there.
I wasn’t. I was experiencing a level of acceptance, yes, though true acceptance is something else. 369 more words

Moving Forwards

Letting Go...

The biggest break through for me on my trip was during the last few days.

A tonne of stuff happened while I was over there. A tonne of experiences lived. 327 more words


You sound like you're over it?!

I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone the other day and she said something that rang very true.

“You sound like you’re over it!” 608 more words

Moving Forwards

That door is closed!

A common sentence said to me by healers and the like while on my Eat, Pray, Love trip was this;


At first, I was offended. 224 more words

Moving Forwards

Marriage is all about compromise

Over a weekend not long ago I spent time with some of Husband’s mates.

They were standing around talking about such and suchs wife and how this one time she was such a bitch and how her husband was such a great guy. 388 more words