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Set Backs? Time to take a step back!

Well as you can imagine I’ve had a few bumps in the road but not only in my little business venture but also at home! 869 more words

Pattern me no moor; ANY mo[or]

Pattern me no moor:

No lonely heath

Nor wreath of deathly lived.

I want no long[‘er]

Your humiliation:

Framed as my best interests

At {‘e(art)}. 94 more words

Thought Experiments


In the early morning fog of this chilly winter morning, I find myself finally accepting the idea that, maybe, at some point, we’re all a little lost sometimes in life. 123 more words


What I didn’t understand – what I suddenly realized now – was that if I stopped moving backwards, trying to recapture the past, there might be a future waiting for me, waiting for us, a future that would reveal itself if only I turned around and looked, and that once I did, I could start to move toward it. 

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Book Quotes


The only thing holding you back is the lies

And the lies my child, why they’re wrong every time.

 Half the ties are already free- 70 more words


Are we nearly there yet?

A friend spoke to me recently about how she and her husband would respond to this question from their kids. He would reply ‘We’ve got miles to go yet, don’t ask again.’ She would reply ‘We’re closer than when you asked last time.’ 503 more words

Child Of God Reflection

Closing arguments

At the end of the day, what really matters is that you spent the fleeting time of that day doing what really matters to you.