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I'm 22!

Yes! I’ve survived another year, and write this with the wisdom of twenty-two years behind me, though I have to say it doesn’t feel dissimilar to being twenty-one. 497 more words


Sweet, to match the salt,

we exhaust ourselves

escaping phantom tigers.

A searing stripe of orange, warm fuzz of black,

thirst – but never looking back.


When jerks exist still...

I’ve spoken previously about an arsehole family member that has been exactly that. He’s come up in readings with mediums as someone to be careful of and I’ve even had dreams with Russ telling me not to put up with him anymore. 443 more words

Moving Forwards

You've moved on... So thats done then.

Interesting reflection the other day (Russ’ angelversary) surrounding me having moved forwards and what that now means according to many.

No one just out and said it, because, well I’m not surrounded by arseholes BUT there was a definite air about it. 413 more words

Moving Forwards

3 whole years! 3!!

Dear Rusi,

Let me just start by saying WHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTT?!??

3 bloody years today. That’s how long you’ve been gone. The thought of this is met with a big sigh and the noise of my internal computer trying to process this. 318 more words

Moving Forwards

New green

Pulling away the wasted,

darkened leaves;

limp limbs

both deprived of sustenance

yet fed too much;

l cast them out on the ocean

and watch them sink… 16 more words


To my girls... I want you to experience heartbreak.

What a thing to say from a Mum to her girls. But I said it and I mean it.

To my beautiful girls – my beautiful, intelligent, caring, warm daughters, 268 more words

Moving Forwards