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This photo is one of the hundreds I’ve got of Russ and I loving one another.

You only have to look through our photos together to know how much we adored one another. 388 more words

Moving Forwards

All in a years work...

If you were to look back on your life and think about the things that have happened along the way and the energy you’ve spent on certain situations, would you regret spending so much time worrying about things? 199 more words

Moving Forwards

To my favourite person...

Rusi – the original pants,

I had the weirdest moment this afternoon.

I couldn’t remember what your hands looked like. So weird. I went hunting for a photograph that had a perfect picture of at least one of your hands. 456 more words

Moving Forwards

Everywhere I go, you go.

Off to Tasmania this afternoon. It’s funny, I never really saw myself going there. It was one of those places I sort of put on the Yeah, if it happens or comes up, I guess I’ll go but I never really put any weight into thinking I would. 193 more words

Moving Forwards

Rusi - The dream God

He’s the master of dropping in when he needs to. His messages are clear and I very rarely have to decipher them because he speaks directly to me, shows me or makes me feel something in particular. 1,210 more words

Moving Forwards

Expectation. The hidden beast.

I put this up on my Insta account the other week and it got shared several times by my friends. This clearly rings true for a lot of people. 530 more words

Moving Forwards

Good news, we are back on track!

Thankfully we have found a solution to our structural dilemma. Our engineer has confirmed that the external leaf of the new cavity walls for bedroom 3 can be supported on 10mm steel plates. 67 more words