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The only thing holding you back is the lies

And the lies my child, why they’re wrong every time.

 Half the ties are already free- 70 more words


Are we nearly there yet?

A friend spoke to me recently about how she and her husband would respond to this question from their kids. He would reply ‘We’ve got miles to go yet, don’t ask again.’ She would reply ‘We’re closer than when you asked last time.’ 503 more words

Child Of God Reflection

MY love

It hasn’t died – he did. It hasn’t left because I have found another – it’s still there, ever present. My love for Russ hasn’t left me, nor will it. 210 more words

Moving Forwards

Closing arguments

At the end of the day, what really matters is that you spent the fleeting time of that day doing what really matters to you.


Technical difficulties

I notice when I’m trying too hard nothing at all gets done.  It’s not a matter of the task at hand, it’s simply because I’m internally expecting too much of myself, trying too hard.  444 more words


Vicious cycle

Where to even begin, oh boy.  Today was, in a word, eye-opening.

Every damn time I learn that all I do is move in a circle, I’m still genuinely surprised when I realize it – which is usually the point when it was about to be brought to my attention anyways.   182 more words


Call to action

Deep down inside, there’s a muted voice wanting to break through the clutter and chaos, wanting to help other people who were or are dealing with similar issues or hardships. 143 more words