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On creating a new future...

It’s fair to say that grief has stolen time from me. Rightly so too, it was what needed to happen in order for me to get to where I am going now. 480 more words

Moving Forwards

Life is short; make the most of it!

So I’ve been a bit mopey recently and today I realised that it’s two years since someone quite dear to me passed away and I realised that life is short and to be honest I’ve got it pretty good (and that’s despite the fact that my bathroom ceiling actually collapsed this week…!) Why I’m wasting my timing sulking around because some guy decided he doesn’t want to be with me anymore I really don’t know. 387 more words

Moving On

Ideas please...!

Right I’m sick of myself. God knows my miserable posts must have bored you all….

I’m not feeling happy but I’ve had enough of being low and ill. 144 more words


It's not just the husband, it's the friend too

I don’t just miss my husband, I miss my friend. He was a really great friend to all his mates and he was to me as well. 387 more words

Moving Forwards

Weddings rings... Friend or Foe?

My rings. My beautiful, sparkling, eye catching, comment worthy rings.

I only got to wear them legitimately for 46 days. How much does that suck? Even though I’m no longer somebody’s wife “technically”, they’re still there on my finger. 484 more words

Moving Forwards

I choose Strength

I have always been able to look hard into the face of a challenge and say with conviction, “You will not beat me, I am far stronger than you.” I always liked that about myself. 347 more words

Moving Forwards

The pedestal

I am very aware of this pedestal that Husband now lives on. He is the barometer in which I will forever measure my future relationships, whether it be partner or friend, because he was both. 600 more words