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Trust This: What Rock Climbing Taught Me About the Fear of Moving Forward

by Xandra Robinson-Burns

The thing I love about rock climbing is that it’s a physical puzzle: it’s just as much about technique as it is about strength. 785 more words


The Sweet, Green Grass of Home

There is something special when you return to the woodlands you played in as a child. You start to remember all the dreams & games your imagination conjured up all those years ago and your ‘oh so serious life’ feels almost farcical. 382 more words

What's that coming over the hill?

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but there’s this petulant man-child who thinks he’s the President of The United States of America ALL OVER the Internet. 1,044 more words

Mental Health


I feel the broiling underneath

The drumming of my heart

As it beats out of my chest

Though life expands daily

Something is out of place… 56 more words

Contemplative Poetry

Unhelpful Prohibition ban

When in doubt or clouded by fear, I communicate.

How you communicate is less important – write, talk, draw, paint, act, dance, create, do anything to express yourself in a way that promotes a healthy mind and your well being. 612 more words


A positive manifesto for making 2017 great

Life can be tough: there’s no way to deny that.

It’s tough in a multitude of different ways, depending on geographic location, the size (or scarcity) of your wealth, the strongly held beliefs you hold, the social structures you find yourself part of, or the race, religion, gender or sexual orientation you find yourself born into. 1,705 more words


Take Five

It’s taken nearly three months, but finally I’ve finished all the Legion dungeons on Heroic. That’s a lie, of course, the only reason I got Neltharion’s Lair was that I completed it on Mythic Plus, because once you reach a certain level of gear and are feeling competent enough with another four people? 568 more words

General Warcraft Post