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It’s been a while since I updated this, should really try and do it more often but sometimes life gets in the way!

So whats been happening, well the biggest thing is my Landlord gave me my notice on the flat!    149 more words

Moving Halfway across the Globe - My Experience

I am fast approaching the date where I will be celebrating 10 years spent in Malaysia. I moved to Malaysia when I was just about 7. 640 more words

Thoughts Of A TCK

25/56 Moved - and giveaway winner

Couldn’t keep up with my journal in the last few days because I was living in between the old and the new place, and the internet had already been moved. 435 more words

Little Stories

Winter bugs suck!

Beginning of February I was getting all smart and cocky thinking how we got away with no sickness bugs or colds this winter. Thinking my home was immune to all bugs, that any bugs that came into our home were killed straight away. 553 more words

Responding To Change: The Stages Of Freak-Out

So there’s that saying “the only thing that’s constant is change”. My dad loves that phrase – it’s his little dose of philosophy and he figures it can apply in most situations, and I suppose it can. 1,128 more words

Mental Health

New year, new home

I know it quiet on the blogging front, I have good reason, honest.

In the last month we made the momentous decision to up sticks, and, in just over a month from having made that decision we have achieved it. 468 more words