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Friday!! I’ll go on with the story.
Spring turned into summer. 2011. I couldn’t accept that the man was an asshole so decided I was going to do my best to let him see that he loved me and that I deserved to be treated in a nicer way. 971 more words


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Leech (a poem)

How long will you continue to use me?
Or is it me, letting myself be used?
I am amazed, sometimes, at your capacity to make me feel… 204 more words


Be Limitless *Bucket List Friday*

It’s been a rough week, time for mini vacation for attitude adjustment.  I love clouds. Have a great weekend.  XO Warrior



If your partner is angered easily, gets upset or sulks do not condemn them. Invalidating someones feelings or punishing them for feeling a certain way if incredibly harmful to them and your relationship. 80 more words


How Can I..??

How can I leave you if you’re my life?
How can I forget you if all my thoughts are about you?
How can I move on if I keep on holding on? 105 more words


Master, 7 years ago today,

You opened Your home.

You gave me Your heart…

You gave me Your name…

You made me Your wife.

But then it was decided that You were needed elsewhere, and i was not able to move on with You. 68 more words


9 weeks

It took me until noon today to realize it was Thursday.

I mean I knew it was Thursday in the literal sense. I showed up at work at the appropriate time and did the right tasks that I had on my calendar. 281 more words