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Here now

When you have happy memories, memories full of joy, love and laughter, that bring you nothing but pain, because the person you made them with found it necessary to run away and break your heart, you will need to stop looking back at those memories. 142 more words

Things I Care About

Story to tell: KA

I first saw you again in a batch reunion. It was summer. I rejected the thought of excitement that time. Looking back, I would have to admit that you were the first guy in many years that made me smile like that and made me interested again in the opposite sex to be exact. 857 more words


I don't.

i hate writing these shitty,
garbage fucking poems.
wish i never met you,
i would carve a hole in my skull
cut out my mind and go simple. 103 more words


Pick-Me-Up Thursday!

Good morning y’all and Happy Friday Eve! I hope you are having a wonderful week and you are looking forward to the weekend ahead of us. 291 more words


It really does get better in time.

Hello, been a while (again…)

Yesterday (Wednesday 20th) I met up with like the only friends I had in High School, I’ll refer to them and B and M. 584 more words

Rape Survivor


I’ve been wanting to make some music for a while now and after being given a microphone for Christmas it finally felt like it was time to start making some sounds: 228 more words

Live Positive

A little over a year ago my life fell apart. If I’m being accurate it was more along the lines of November 2017. I was not expecting my then relationship to fail. 1,016 more words