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If You Think You Will Never Be Happy Again, Read This

A month ago, my thirteen months and twelve days long distance relationship ended. But, what you will be reading here is not about what happened, or that I miss him, or that I can’t let him go, or that I want him back. 1,275 more words

Life And Love

I Sold My Wedding Rings Today

I sold my wedding rings today.

It solidified everything I already knew – my marriage is over. I have no proof outside of tucked away divorce papers to ever let you know he was in my life. 868 more words

Letter From My Body


Why don’t you like me? Why does my size bother you so much? What is it about me that confines you and makes you feels so insecure? 924 more words


Nobody Said It Was Easy

Breathe out.

You see people around you graduate, land a good job, marrying the love of their life, starting a family, just basically seeing everyone move on with their lives, and it is not that easy. 117 more words


Hello, Mr. Heart-Ache, I’ve been expecting you…

Once upon a time I was in love. Deeply, madly in love. The object of my affections was everything I wanted a man to be except he had one of those jobs where he traveled a lot so there was always distance between us. 706 more words


Wandering Mind

Every time my mind wanders to you,

I breathe out,

Breathe you out,

And pause in the emptiness,

Of lungs and mind.

A clean slate, 12 more words


So Long

So long old friends who never felt the same
So long old loves with nothing more to gain

So long to all the patches I used to cover up the shame… 129 more words