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Moving on

This week has been one of the most emotionally tense I have had in a while. I like to be in control of my life, but when it comes to love, you have very little. 612 more words



You want to talk about embarrassing?

Hows this for embarassing…

Putting up photos and photos of you and your boyfriend meanwhile he isnt even on social media because hes hiding you. 248 more words

Letting go...

What I dreaded the most has now happened more times than I care to count. Caught up in my life, in the myriad distractions I adopted to forget you, I have crossed paths with you in the halls of our university. 1,296 more words


New painting. Different story.

​I will weep over you tonight

This last time I will

Not because I won’t hurt tomorrow

But am making a choice

To let go, to move on. 119 more words


Don't follow.

You know once you’re going through your heartbreak phase…Tons of people will tell you to do this or that.Like go out and join a new hikers club or new music group.They would try to push you out of your living room every single time.You might think of getting a new haircut because that’s the latest hollywood trend to get over a guy. 153 more words

Moving ON

Confessions Of A Romantiholic

I gave him a second chance, and he blew it while I lost it. I’m talking about an itsy-bitsy four letter word that we in the twenty-first century don’t realize the power of; I’m talking about love. 741 more words