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Before November Ends

I was busy planting crops, building communities and operating factories in my Township when suddenly it paused for a second or two. I thought the app stopped. 247 more words


I Left My Heart In San Francisco

I am moving to Berkeley, California in January. I currently live in New York, so I am SUPER excited. I will not be bringing my car, because the Bay Area has a really good public transportation system, and I will be attending the Pacific School of Religion. 265 more words

Let Go 💔

All my life I’ve been waiting for someone.

Someone who could accept me and love me for who I am.

Then out of the blue you came And gave me love burning as a flame. 174 more words

Random Thoughts

To my father

I’ve written endless letters to you and never sent them. I’ve burnt the ones on paper and deleted the ones on the computer. I’ve tried to understand why you did what you did and I’ve failed in coming up with one reason as to why either of us deserved it. 450 more words

My 101 ways to tell you "I Love You" : 33. "Where have you been?"

33. “Where have you been?”

A good friend of mine once asked me,
“How do you get over someone you love?”

My answer to her, 240 more words


Hello, its me (To be sung as if you were Adele)

Hello Readers,

It’s been a while. Over a year to be exact. Did I leave you in suspense? What happened to me and the ex who shall not be named? 269 more words

Break Up

Break Up to Wake Up?

‘It’s over!”

“We’re done!”

I don’t deserve you”

“I need space”

“It’s your mom”

“You deserve better”

“I can’t give you the love you deserve”

413 more words