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Friday. Cold, cloudy and dark. Probably one of the last days that I didn’t need to turn on the light in the morning. I hate artificial light during the day. 522 more words


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White Flag

My throat is dry and burning from yelling.

My eyes are red from crying.

My energy is drained from fighting you for us.

I need you to look past my emotionally scrambled words, listen to my heart. 67 more words


2am Story -II

He said “u murdered someone in the spur of the moment , and seeking mercy ? Go die . U lost the match bitch”
She : actually died a contentment death , breathing for the sake of dying for next birth , ..”my intentions were never wrong , but I will be anyhow punished life” 55 more words


I'm better off without you

There are things in life that I though I could not live without. I could not imagine life without sugar. I could not imagine what it would be like not to have TV. 268 more words


Sweet Goodbye

The morning light shines through my window beckoning me to wake, but my eyes do not want to lift. I want to remain in my mystical dreamland as I dissect my subconscious mind. 281 more words


dialing in

My mother and I started this ritual when I graduated from high school.  Heck, maybe it was before that even.  Whenever I would go to work or school, I’d call her.   824 more words


Dating After Divorce

Unless you  have completely shunned loving another human being, this thought has crossed your mind after your divorce was finalized.

“How do I go back to dating?” 729 more words