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I’m Letting You Off The Hook

I stood there, mouth gaping, eyes blinking a mile a minute, dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe what just happened. In less than an hour my entire world had been flipped upside down. 391 more words

My Forelsket: A Bittersweet Remembrance of Love

My Forelsket: A Bittersweet Remembrance of Love
Your brains were the sexiest part of you, as your heart was worth the love.

I set sail on the expanse of your mind, as you braved yourself enough to enter my storm. 342 more words

Lyrics Of Life

Moving on.

For those of us on the pursuit to happiness, we have to come to the realisation that we have to move on from certain things in our past. 919 more words


No. 17 | Shortcomings

21 Mar 2017

There are some things about my past that keep me in there, and they’re mostly mistakes that have consequences that I need to face. 591 more words


To The Guy Who Pretended to Love Me, This is My Farewell to You

It’s crazy to think that you can fall in love with someone and they can pretend they fell in love with you too.

It’s also crazy that you can defend a person’s actions who hurts you over and over again because you love them and… 492 more words


I Was Blindsided By Your Leaving, But I Will Move On

Years of hopeful effort and dedication. Then it was all stolen from me. The rug was pulled out from underneath me. I wish I could say when I look back that I could see the writing on the wall. 513 more words

Give Me The Closure I Deserve So I Can Completely Move On

We ended things between us so quickly. It seemed like we woke up one morning, and all of a sudden, we defined love differently. We erupted and engaged into plenty of fights, arguments, and misunderstandings…until we both concluded that it was better to separate ways. 534 more words