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A year ago, A friend, A quote

I keep starting off my blog posts with “a year ago..” blah blah blah and it’s getting really annoying but really, I think I’m starting off with that phrase or something similar so bear with me. 305 more words


Silly Goose, Ripping Out Your Heart Only Hurts A Little...

Relationships are hard. They take a ton of work and even after everything that you’ve put into them it doesn’t mean they are going to last. 922 more words


So my paramour, go ahead and look up the definition on Urban Dictionary, was away with the wife this weekend, all part of being a couple.  703 more words

Ghosts (Poetry #1)

The sadness tears at my insides tonight

There is an aching and a burning in the holes you used to occupy

I cannot keep trying to fill them with whiskey… 170 more words

Plus Size Blogger

Summer Concerts-part 1

I have said in the past that my doctor loved music, it was his passion, aside from his children, and of course me.  He had plans to attend summer festivals, concerts series, was spontaneous about seeing local artists perform.  686 more words


After time and time again

of being torn down to my foundation

by you

I decided to let you go

You were never good for me… 119 more words



Choices.  Life is all about them.  One choice leads to another and it’s never ending.  Each choice that is made presents a life-altering experience and as human beings, we learn to evolve so that the life-altering experience is a positive one. 444 more words

My Life