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Band Concert and WB Relapse

I’d been doing so dang well. And then:

The band concert.

My goodness. It was basically ‘WB with band,’ because he had solos in basically every piece, as well as a piece that was entirely a solo for him with occasional backing from the jazz group. 200 more words

The World Moves On

One of the most surreal experiences you will have, is your life coming to a crashing halt; the world continues to move on as if nothing has happened. 298 more words


Letting go and moving on

In  two days, I’ll be leaving a place I’ve called home for more than a year, DataBlitz. Leaving is bittersweet. A part of me is excited to finally have legit weekends-two days of just being lazy, baking or going somewhere. 407 more words

Inspire Me

May 27th, 2015 - Dissections and an end to ideas of a long distance relationship

My morning began unchanged until I reached the Marine Science classroom, and we got straight to work. Since we have nothing else to do our teacher decided we’d be dissecting fish and starfish today. 336 more words


The guy I wish I could forget

There’s always going to be that one person who has made such an impact on your life, and when they leave, there’s an emptiness in your life. 168 more words


Finding Peace After A Toxic Relationship

Hardly any words can come close to describing the pain you feel when you realize that the person who was once your best friend has become your worst enemy. 589 more words


Get Real

“I’m trying really hard to take the veil off the fraud,

to be real, to start with me.”

Jamie Lee Curtis

Here is an example of Jamie’s… 117 more words

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