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Rebound Relationships

Everyone’s heard of them. Most have probably been in one or two.

A guy gets dumped, and instead of wallowing around moaning and groaning about the relationship that just ended, many of their goals are to get under a, or multiple, new women. 274 more words


Pipeline? Really, across the United States? Wait, think.

|NOTICE. This is the only political piece I will ever put on this page. NOTICE.|

My neighbor asked me if he could lay a pipe across my back yard to transport his sewage to a reclamation plant four blocks over from his house. 146 more words

My Thoughts

Go Forward And Live Your Life

It takes a lot of strength and courage to put the past behind you and stand up and say: ” I will not let it define me.” To push forward and create the life that you truly deserve and not focus on bad things that life handed you in the past. 22 more words


"Might Two Cease?"


Centrosomes start to drift to opposite poles.
The nuclear envelope disintegrates.
Chromosomes condense and later become visible.

(You are seated at the back.

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Burning Bridges

I look at you now and see a flicker of dim light. I remember months ago, I would look at you and see huge engulfing flames that consume everything all at once. 228 more words



Wednesday. I’m on the couch with my mom watching her soap opera. She watches it online every day and some times, I watch it too. It’s the first time she takes a break during the day and that is because the entire house is spotless and all the things that needed to be fixed, are fixed. 647 more words


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Relationship Equality

Let me clarify my stand in things being equal.

I’m a believer of equality (in all things as I have an OCD to even numbers especially) but I’m also a believer that women still need men. 746 more words