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The Horizon is NOT THE END

We have in our life, at one period in time, at least once, where we asked ourselves, “Where do I begin?”

I recently experienced rejection. My boyfriend, (now ex) broke up with me. 275 more words


It is said, “If you wait , something great might happen to you”

It is also said, “You need to move on “

Both seems contradictory! 123 more words


Kenny says: How I overcame heartaches from the past

Okay now, let’s have a mini girl talk. I feel like I wanna do this more often to help other ladies out there. You know, stuff that they don’t know, on how things work, what to do with this and that… Anything under the sun. 1,253 more words

My apologies, love.

To the man who falls in love with me some day, I’m sorry. Truly, I am. I hate that you won’t get the better version of me I was years ago. 788 more words

Letting Go of the Ones You've Loved Along the Way.

Letting go. Something I have never been particularly good at. Maybe it’s because of my competitive nature or maybe just my foolish pride, but it’s something I have been painfully aware of since high school. 546 more words

Life's Journey

Geldinger, One

Geldinger entered the room slowly, peering carefully to the right and the left.  It was dark, though a little light seeped in around the edges of the dusty curtains and his eyes quickly adjusted.  142 more words


When the Church Hurts

I’ve been a long time attendee of only several churches in my life, but two churches have impacted me deeply, for better and for worse. Unfortunately, those same two churches also hurt me and I have had to face the pain and learn how to deal with it. 1,323 more words