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An Open Letter To My Dead Father


I’m not going to be cliche and tell you that I don’t know where to start… because I do.

I prepared for your death a few years before it actually happened. 890 more words


Beginner's Tinder

About 6 months ago, at the age of 25, I finally got Tinder. I had been resisting for years, mostly because I infinitely prefer meeting someone in person to assess the chemistry situation before even figuring out if we like each other beneath it all. 1,036 more words


To The Man That Crushed My Soul: Thank You

I moved to a new city with no one. I was isolated, lost, confused, I felt unloved. Until I met you.

I fell hard. You were older, you were established, you were sweet. 721 more words

Face-to-Face This Time

Even after everything, after all this time
You said you’d come and meet me, anyway
And I pause my life long enough
To get on that plane and risk what I have left… 162 more words


Our Own Gravity.

And most of the times we blame others for pulling us down.

Well, It’s not them always.

Have you ever tried looking at your gravity towards things? 9 more words

Moving On.

Don't Be Bitter Over Your First Love, You're Much Better For It

Your first love and first heartbreak, you never forget that. You never forget him, not fully. You’ll never forget his face or the sound of his voice. 570 more words