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Thoughts on Old Relationships

I had a breakthrough session with my therapist a few weeks ago when we were discussing old relationships. We were speaking about my first girlfriend and how ultimately she became manipulative and abusive a few months after we started dating. 390 more words


New Beginnings

Change, growth, letting go and moving on. 

To those who enjoy my blog or encountered on my blog while browsing, I apologize for my absence and my lack of posting, but this break was well needed.  588 more words


#WordlessWednesday: Variations on a Theme

National Youth Orchestra-USA performs Bernstein’s Symphonic Dances from West Side Story

With dance:

Photography And Art

So I Moved Across the Country

Being impulsive has never been a strong suit of mine. I like to have a plan…and a backup plan…and a backup backup plan. However, when life not only gives you lemons but the whole orchard, you have to make a metric ton of lemonade. 416 more words


The "Wild Blue Yonder"

Here I sit contemplating my past and future and where they intersect. I seem to have found myself at a crossroads and either direction I look all I see is fields and sky. 296 more words



I know I’m not a particularly interesting date. Hell, I know I’m not even an interesting person. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I have virtually no friends, or maybe even because I’m not a very trusting individual. 1,003 more words


As time wore on I realised what I had was something new, and that it was better than it had been before because this time it was honest (more of that in a future blog.) This meant realising that Rich was not a knight on a white horse in shiny armour, but a flawed man who made mistakes and got on my tits sometimes!

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Moving On