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Is the Battle Over?

I started writing here in WordPress a year ago when I was in a dark place. I had been keeping so much inside of me that I felt like I would be driven insane. 555 more words

Disability or NOT?

There are many people out there that qualify and truly need to be put on disability and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. When someone makes the decision that they are not able to work any longer and their doctor agrees with them, then you just know it is the right time for taking that route in life. 730 more words


Forever Scarred (trigger warning:sexual assault)

At what point after a trauma do you stop blaming yourself?

If I didn’t drink so much,

If that dress wasn’t so short,

If I fought a little harder, 333 more words


Moving Far Away

My desire to Move Away, FAR FAR AWAY is So Strong, that is why I picked Seattle as a place to settle down. I’m tired of NYC, I’m also tired of Puerto Rico which is why I have Zero plans to go there anytime soon. 76 more words


I'm Still Standing ...

Hi everyone, It’s been a while since my last post about moving on.I was never intending on posting something so personal, but the paragraphs just began to write themselves and the words just kept coming. 173 more words


The sea of disappointments

How often has it been that we are subjected to our peer pressure for a task or accomplishment?

A peer group could mean your friends, family, relatives or spouse. 528 more words

Growing Up

Lyme Progress #4 *Photos*

┬áIt’s summertime, ticks and insects carrying tick born illnesses are worse than last year. Practice all precautions if out in tall grass, tall scrubs or trees. 89 more words

Moving Forward

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