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Spring Will Bring the New

February marks a year since I wrote my first blog post. I’ve been meaning to write something to commemorate the event, but I can’t force it. 554 more words

i pour this cup of ginger tea over my head,

shut the laptop close –

skipping away from everything that makes my life mine. 56 more words



“It hurts to let go. But sometimes it hurts more to hold on…”



Tribute to Poppy

Good evening y’all! I am a little late with getting this posted, but at least it is still on the day of my beloved Poppy’s birthday. 302 more words


Ruins of the Past

A few years ago I bought a silver leaf necklace. I can’t remember where I got it from or the meaning behind it, other than I loved it and when you have a tree related last name you find yourself drawn to tree related items. 2,288 more words


Love the news but hate clickbait and fluff? Here’s how to get more quality and less quantity


Feb 5, 2019 / Cal Newport

Digital minimalist Cal Newport shows how you can turn off the information firehose and follow current events on your own terms.

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Why Giving up Isn't Always Bad

I have been going to a new chiropractor (there have previously been two others) for around two months now. As of yesterday, I’m no longer going to that chiropractor, or any other doctor for that matter. 513 more words