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i will not apologise

for taking time to heal

i will not apologise

for raising my voice

for making myself heard


will i birth a sorry… 12 more words


Saying Goodbye

We met on a sunny day in May. She was pure light, energetic, excited to be there. She was the type of person that got excited for people. 424 more words

Admin Story

Who Am I?

Have you ever asked yourself this what should be a fairly easy question, “Who am I?” I sometimes am forced to ask myself this question a few times a day, especially when others challenge the person I know I am, by being disrespectful and even a little demeaning. 476 more words


You're Gonna Live Forever in Me

I am writing this because I am no longer mad.

It’s been four months since you and I parted ways, and although it was sad, I still think it’s for the better. 262 more words


Why They Discard You

We’ve all experienced the inevitable cycle of being idealized to devalued in a heartbeat. It may have also occurred progressively, over time. Regardless of how many weeks or months it took for the abuser to ditch us to escape with the next best source of supply, the one thing that we don’t realize while still in the relationship is the origin of this pattern. 718 more words

Moving On

The weekend is not my friend

Hello again lovelies. So lets start this one off with a positive. This week I had three whole good days, one after the other, all shiny and new. 1,146 more words

Words on Forgiveness

Forgiveness isn’t always a simple act. It’s a conscious choice that initially requires careful attention, at least that is how it works for me. When I first decide I must forgive a certain person I often have to gently remind myself over and over again, “I’ve forgiven this person and I’m letting that incident go,” because they will do something or say something that will put me right back in that hurtful moment. 66 more words