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4 Tips To Help You Settle Into A New City

It doesn’t matter whether you’re only moving to a nearby neighborhood, or making the move halfway across the world – settling into your new home can be difficult. 28 more words


Laughing My Way Into a New City

There are studies that people who think they are lucky, actually become more lucky – because they also become more optimistic, ballsy, and resilient in everything they pursue. 939 more words

How to Move to a New City: 6 Lessons after 1 Year In Nashville

This week marks one year of living in Nashville. Wow, even just typing that feels surreal.

For both of us, this is the first time we moved somewhere where we knew no one and had to start entirely from scratch. 972 more words

True Stories

Talk Radio, a Cross-Country Road-Trip, and Pay Tolls, or A Lesson on How to Be Brave

The streets were quiet and deserted except for a handful of dedicated runners as our tiny Jeep crawled around Lincoln Park in southeast D.C. for the last time. 424 more words

Washington Dc

My new State. . . (of mind)

Dry as the desert.

I wouldn’t have believed it could happen to me. I’d read articles about how difficult repatriation is, but I always imagined it happening to those who’d lived abroad for many, many years. 596 more words


I'm Moving

A quick update about things happened in past few weeks…

  1. Got a new job in one of the dream companies in my favourite City…. :D :D so i’m movinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg…… super excited and happppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyy… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: leaving the current city by month end.
  2. 262 more words

Let the Blogging Begin

Hey Western Slope adventurers. Welcome to the only page you need to read, ever!

Exaggeration aside, my hope with this blogging endeavor is to present some of the places and characteristics that make this part of the state great. 565 more words