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Your Cityspot columnist – Sarah (hi!) – has recently had to make a very sudden move to a new city.

I struggled a lot at first, but as always, I have overcome a lot of the hurdles that I went through. 936 more words


The Struggle is Real

Adjusting to a new city is much more challenging than I had expected. Prior to packing up and heading to Charleston, I was fortunate to get some great advice from friends who have made similar moves. 736 more words

Moving To A New City

Wait, What?

2 Updates:

  1. I got a job in San Francisco
  2. I got an apt ( way harder than it sounds)

Cool so I’m kind of confused and dazed right now because everything happened so fast. 768 more words

Life goes in circles: we're moving!

Thank you for stopping by to read posts and leave likes and comments over the last six weeks. I really appreciate it! Things have been quiet and will be for another couple of weeks because… we are moving! 215 more words

Mixed Bag

How to Move from Edmonton to Calgary as a God-forsaken Traitor

Moving can be difficult especially when it makes you a no good, cock-sucking sell out. If recently you have had to move from your beloved hometown into enemy headquarters, such as from London to Paris, Los Angeles to San Francisco, or Edmonton to Calgary, you might experience a wide range of negative reactions in regards your decision from the people you care about the most. 416 more words


The BIG move

I love my job. But I’m ready for a BIG change.

I’m making a BIG move to a BIG city in the Spring! It’ll be the BIG-gest move of my life, and it means a BIG career move, too. 537 more words


The Long Road Trip

Whew. We made it to Dallas….finally! We don’t get to move into our house for another week, so we are still in a little bit of a transition phase. 585 more words

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