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5 Ways to Feel at Home in a New City

When you move to a new city, and maybe even a new country, at first, everything around you is different and exciting. It can also be a little daunting and scary, but at the beginning, you don’t even realize how quickly time passes. 1,083 more words

Expat Life

10 Uncomfortable Stages You Go Through When You Move To A New City Alone

1. You feel excited. The excitement starts pulsing through your body as you drive into the new city and pass the welcome sign. You get so overwhelmed with emotion of what your new life can become and all the new experiences you’re going to be surrounded by. 465 more words

30 Thoughts That Cross My Mind Before Moving To A New Country

Over the last three years, I’ve packed my bags 24 times, switched addresses 8 times and commuted more than I’ve travelled my entire life.

So now, in the dawn of a new relocation, I still experience all the terrible mood swings and impossibly extreme emotions I did all the other times, just with a bit more years on my ID and a new passport. 471 more words

Getting ready for the big move to the new castle.

Holly Sha molly!!  I am sitting here taking a break with my ice water and brewing a small afternoon of coffee delight.  I have spent the day washing dog bedding, throw rugs, shampooing area rugs, vacuuming and washing all the floors, washing stinky dogs….I guess I’m doing the spring cleaning but today I was motivated by the landlady.   1,029 more words


Is it Time to Move to a New City?

Today I’m ditching my usual “eloquence” for a more candid, down-to-earth literary style – perhaps more befitting of this blog than anywhere else. But the essence of this piece is a deep desire to optimize my skills and professional competencies – which quite frankly are being grossly under-utilized, and even stifled in my current environment. 1,101 more words


How to Make Friends in a New City in Your 20's?!

From Kindergarten through college, we were able to use class and extracurricular activities to make new friends. Then, we graduate college and move to a city for work. 628 more words