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What to Consider When Moving to Pay off Debt and Save Money

In summer of 2012 I moved to Calgary, Alberta in search of better employment. As a recent graduate with a master’s degree, I found myself with a considerable amount of student loan debt. 1,572 more words


Welcome to New York: My Incredible First Day in the Big City

Authors Note: I was going to write a post about my first week in New York, but it has been a complete whirlwind! Instead of writing a whole novel on my first week, this will be my first post of my Novice in New York series: 534 more words

Kayleigh Hong

A 29-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Mid-October, 1980

Tuesday, October 14, 1980

1 PM. I’m very unhappy. This cold weather has brought back the memories of my misery last winter. I even feel dizzy today. 5,167 more words

Stranger danger: Moving to a new city

With today’s global economy it’s almost inevitable that you’ll need to move cities for your career. Moving to a new city is hard, especially if you’re alone and don’t know anyone. 563 more words

Initiating Conversation

7 Things to expect in the first month of living in a new city

Hello lovely readers!

As some of you may already know based on my previous post, I’ve recently moved to a new (and much much MUCH larger) city! 937 more words


Tinder in Barcelona!

Don’t cringe just yet! This isn’t your typical Tinder post describing how creepy and unoriginal men are becoming online. Although I have been a victim of that stratagem too. 745 more words

20 Reasons Why You Should Live In A Small City In Your 20s

It’s generally assumed that 20-somethings gravitate toward metropolitan areas more than they do small towns, but there’s a new trend that is redefining the post-grad dream: small cities. 1,227 more words