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Ok so no cliched beginnings here. I’m talking about moving to a new place. I wholeheartedly wanted to start poetically, even searched Google for hyperbolic poems that describe with beauty the art of packing one’s useful and useless home items and unpacking them. 574 more words


7 things to do before you move to a new city with kids

Thinking about moving to a new city with your family? We’ve made several moves over the years and each time, learned something new.  Here are a few things to consider doing before you make the big decision: 1,343 more words

Moving To A New City

Leaving the Nest!

For many, moving to a new city is a dream – a new world and  a new life. For me, moving to a new city was not something that I always wanted to do.   982 more words

Life Inspiration

My 6 Month Picture Journal In San Francisco

I moved to San Francisco on April 23, 2017, about sixish months ago. Moving here I decided that I’d revive a once previously dead hobby of mine: photography. 1,188 more words

Learning to Date Myself

Is the flight attendant life as amazing and luxurious as the eye perceives?  Most people see a lifestyle of glamor, luxury and travels. What they don’t see is the long hours, inconsistent sleep and eating schedules, 3:00am wake up calls, stress, and extreme aloneness. 1,329 more words

Hobbies: how to find them, have them and hold on to them.

I grew up watching my mom fill most of her spare time with work, so I assumed that was the way people operated.

I thought… 1,133 more words

On adaptation - a wobbling toward equanimity

Two weeks down!  In some ways I still feel as if I cannot believe I am here.  In some ways it feels as if I have always been here.   875 more words

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