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June 25: Laguna Matata!

We’re not worthy. We’re really not. But – we’re thrilled and full of gratitude and appreciating every new, incredible, discovery we make about our new community. 1,283 more words

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June 17-23: Working Hard To Move Out Of The State Of Completely Overwhelmed

I admit it – I’ve been totally overwhelmed.

I’m not one to enjoy a perpetual state of busyness. I prefer to “hurry up!, so we can relax” in most situations. 904 more words

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June 15 & 16: Digging In!

We finally make it to the pool! It’s Monday morning and Jon is hard at work, so the girls and I have to treat him like he’s not here and do our own thing. 776 more words

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Please Excuse the Delay: The Anunson5.O Is Currently Under Reconstruction!

Today is June 9.

We have woken up getting ready to hit the road for the 4th day in row. We are currently in Kingman Arizona – Jon, Omar and I will arrive in San Clemente at our new home this afternoon. 128 more words

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The Last Weekend in May: These Loose Ends Aren't Going To Tie Themselves!

Seriously, tomorrow is June 1st. We leave next Saturday the 6th at 8am. Holy moly.

As we lose the shape and structure of our lives here in the basement of my parents house (there are really no words to encompass the feeling of living with your parents at my age) the shape of our lives in our new California home is becoming a bit more clear and more imaginable. 683 more words

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Review: San Andreas

My girlfriend’s family lives in both Los Angeles and slightly to the east of the Bay area. Living in California is in my future. Therefore, I felt it was incumbent upon me to take a look at the potential of my someday environment. 415 more words


May 26 and 27: Just Keep Swimming ... Just Keep Swimming

This Tuesday, after the long Memorial day weekend, brings back a semblance of routine. Kids off to school, hubby off to work, I to an “appointment” with my bookclub friends for some chatting and coffee. 537 more words

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