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The hardest thing in life is to start over. The best thing in life is, we can.

It’s been just over a year since we moved to Santa Rosa, California. 923 more words

Moving To California

Mid November: Simmerin' Down Now

It was bound to happen – I’m starting to simmer down from the excitement of the move. I think old downer called “daylight savings” kicked us in the butt. 889 more words

American Dream

first impressions: my first month in los angeles

People ask me why I moved to Los Angeles. Why I tossed nearly all of my belongings and moved me and the cat out west. Everyone I love lived in a ten mile radius. 2,550 more words


Sometimes you just have to Get Up and GO!

Everyday for the past month, all I have been thinking about is my move to California. The only person that really knows what is mostly going on besides me is my dad. 336 more words


LESSONS FROM THE MOVE: Change: The Movie (The Move continues)

Even tiny changes can reflect big ideas.

My head’s been in a whirl the last few months. I think I’ve entered that stage in a move where it feels like my life feels like a dream. 912 more words

Business Of Craft

September 14: Differences I've Noticed So Far

Before this move from Michigan to California, I already knew that life is pretty much the same everywhere. I’ve lived in a few places, and it all comes down to waking up in the morning and doing what you have to do – making sure your responsibilities are met, the bills get paid, and you squeeze in as much relaxing and fun as you can. 562 more words

American Dream

what no one talks about when you move to los angeles

I’ve seen many things since I’ve landed in Los Angeles: grown men walking bengal cats and brown bunnies on a leash, women buying produce wearing scraps that give the suggestion of clothing, couples taking a taxi to their parked cars. 481 more words