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Traveling Across the USA By Car: Arizona Travels, Pt 2

Traveling across the USA can be done in as little as 3 days, I would not suggest it unless time is very precious to your schedule.   354 more words

Daily Blog Journal

January 20, 2016: Enough With Winter Already

Winter – I ought to know better by now. I’m just not that into you. As a matter of fact – you make me want to curl up in a blanky and sleep until you pass. 440 more words

Traveling Across the USA by Car: Texas

After a brief pause of the weekend, today I wanted to share with you our travels through the panhandle of Texas.  After our previous trip to Texas, I really wanted to spend some more time there however it was just a short trip seeing as we were traveling with our furry babies.   482 more words

Vegan Travels

there's beauty in the attempt (and honesty)

I have a friend coming over for brunch today and I’m pulling out all the stops: homemade blueberry waffles topped with fresh compote, maple bacon, fruit salad and brewed coffee. 737 more words

The Gathering Kind

The next chapter

Hello Friends!

I come bearing news. I’m sure you’re aware of my unhealthy love for my home state. The Cali pride is real, yo. 230 more words



The hardest thing in life is to start over. The best thing in life is, we can.

It’s been just over a year since we moved to Santa Rosa, California. 923 more words

Moving To California

Mid November: Simmerin' Down Now

It was bound to happen – I’m starting to simmer down from the excitement of the move. I think old downer called “daylight savings” kicked us in the butt. 889 more words

American Dream