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May 18-21: This is Really Happening (aka: Packing Sucks!)

My husband looks really handsome when he’s packing. It is such a sheer pleasure to sit with a glass of wine and admire his packing style and aptitude – he really knows what he’s doing! 801 more words

Leaving Michigan

grilled corn + herb chowder

Why do we fear failure? It’s quite often not failing itself that strikes fear into us, it’s the other negative outcomes that come along with failing like a lack of income or potential embarrassment. 566 more words


finding the edge of your ocean

Usually I make it a point not to see people on Thursdays because this day is devoted to being free of people–I need time alone, in unadulterated quiet. 770 more words

The Gathering Kind

May 11-14: 'Ghosting' is Definitely not an Option

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘ghosting,’ aka ‘the French leave,’ it means that you exit a social gathering without telling anyone you’re leaving (or perhaps just telling one person, because you’re not a jerk and don’t want anyone to worry when your absence is noted!). 916 more words

Leaving Michigan

banana mango smoothie

People have opinions, even if you don’t invite them in, even if you don’t want to hear them. People will share them, emphatically, just so they’re heard. 543 more words


cinnamon + cacao granola (paleo/gluten-free)

When I was in Nicaragua I fell asleep at nine and woke at five. It’s been my habit to wear ear plugs when I sleep since the slightest sound could wake me, however, in Nicaragua I was distracted by the fact that there were no sounds from which I could escape. 813 more words


The week that was....

Its been a week since i last checked into WordPress, so while i have a few seconds, let me catch up. So, lets see, what has changed in the world since last week? 149 more words

Inner Thoughts