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Dear Lord

Dear Lord,

You beautifully created means of locomotion and safe passage from one point to another.

Why do you allow blockheads to drive these contraptions? 191 more words

Daily Life

New rug

My dining room. A new rug. Home renewal continues.

Daily Life

25 Lawn Place

Scenes from my neighborhood over the last few days:

Lawn Place, north side.

Detail. Lamp-post at SLU High.

The Planetarium, dressed for the season.

Autumn landscape. Oakland Avenue.

Daily Life

9 Essential Tasks to Do After You Move into Your New Home

Moving day is finally here! All of your belongings are packed and waiting to be moved over to your new home. We know that moving day comes with a huge mess of emotions and you trying to figure out where you want everything as your movers bring in your belongings. 686 more words


Eight years ago next month.  How things have changed. That suit used to fit me.

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Flags of Valor

Flags of Valor pays honor and tribute to all American servicemen and women who have fallen in a theater of the war on terror, since 9/11. 91 more words

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