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Eight years ago next month.  How things have changed. That suit used to fit me.

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Flags of Valor

Flags of Valor pays honor and tribute to all American servicemen and women who have fallen in a theater of the war on terror, since 9/11. 91 more words

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The home

Those Spring-installed windows have received a Late-Summer coat of paint, as has the rest of the second floor east face, save for the roof-line fascia.

Moving To St. Louis

Where I live

I’m not certain this video is worth the money that was obviously spent on it, and I wish it showed more racial and ethnic variety, but here’s the latest Saint Louis promo piece: 13 more words

Moving To St. Louis

Missouri Botanical Garden

Ken Rodgers and I spent some time Sunday morning at the Missouri Botanical Garden. He’d never been there, so we bee-lined for the Japanese Garden (the largest Japanese garden in North America), the had brunch in the garden cafe. 22 more words

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Twilight at home

From Saturday . . . .

June 2016.

Look who’s at the screen door.

Auggie is always waiting at the door.

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