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Moving On Up

Well I’m not sure how to really sum up my first seven months of living in London in one blog post, but I am going to give it a crack. 1,237 more words

Aussies In London


So…it’s been nearly a year since my first (and last) post. Some things have changed.

The abridged version is this: Mother went into the hospital because our landlord let the house fall into a state of disrepair that would have made anyone sick. 465 more words


It's the Little Things

This morning I finally understood what it meant to “live in the moment.”  Everything was GLORIOUS.  I woke up – in my own bed, with my husband and giant cat.  669 more words


further tales in misplaced mattress saga..

Current Sleeping Status: still room for two on our glorified life raft.

Two days after the first air mattress puncture, there was a second puncture. But thanks to my self taught methods finding and patching leaks – I’m really good at holding things under water till bubbles appear, and then sealing them shut forever – fixing the second leak was pretty easy. 379 more words

On Adventure

Bad luck comes in threes, right?

So, my hubby didn’t get the job he wanted. He’s a little bummed about that. Could be a blessing in disguise. There might be bigger, better jobs out there ripe for the picking that he was ignoring because he had his eye on that one.  1,097 more words

Daily Stuffs

Epic Move, Part 3 (the finale)

We had sold our house, bought a new house, packed two cars, four animals, and a myriad of other essentials.  We had 1,000 miles to cover in 1.5 days.  1,730 more words


Epic Move, Part 2

Much like the journey itself, the tale of the move to Mississippi has many parts.  For those of you keeping score, we are two days into our momentous journey — we have sold our home in Philadelphia and are headed south, once we collect our many animals from their temporary steads at our childhood homes.   868 more words