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My Moving Booklet

Moving is a daunting process under ideal circumstances. For children, who usually have no choice about whether and where they’re going, it can be especially difficult. 465 more words


Countdown Chicago

In less than 2 calendar months I will be a brand spankin’ new resident of Illinois!

Until then, I will be very busy moving and travelling. 249 more words


Pleased Update

I broke my stall!  After three weeks of no wobbling on the scale, and four days ago my weight still saying I was at 403ish, my weight dropped down to 393!   207 more words

The Flow of Joy

It’s been a bit of a rough road, all this moving business.  New town, new house, new school, new friends.  All the “newness” has taken a toll on my daughter lately; it can be a drag being the odd-man-out when you’re nine, you know? 348 more words


Movin' on up

As many of you know, Jeremy has accepted a job as an assistant principal in the Vancouver, WA area for the coming school year so we will be moving out there within the next month! 204 more words


- Broken Hearts & Wings -

This week has been nothing but disappointment…. First a failed trip to Texas, costing us $200 in cancellation fees that we can’t get back, for a flight the airline canceled. 1,076 more words


Welcome Maria!

It’s been a while since we last gave you some news from the office so we thought it was high time we told you what was going on in our little corner of the world. 301 more words

The Office