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Wardrobe Crisis... and Storage Solution

Fact:  I have too many clothes.  These are dotted all over the house as storage is tricky for the amount I have.

Fact:  I have too many shoes.  1,281 more words


Moving experiences: Old wine in new skins

As the process of making a new home proceeds, I’m still reflecting on whether it’s stressful or not. I went to a meeting/lunch this week with lots of women who had moved a lot during their lives, mainly as the trailing spouses of men who were furthering careers as diplomats or international companies. 292 more words



I got the keys and went to the flat for the first time last night! Couldn’t go over until the evening but when I got there was presently surprised as I was expecting to find it really creepy with no furniture in it but it didn’t actually look that cold or creepy. 184 more words


I have arrived!

I have arrived!

Well, almost. As I write this, I’m in the air a little more than halfway from Fiji to New Zealand. I watched Fiji defeat Britain in a replay of the 2016 gold medal match at the Rio Olympics and watched the season premiere of West World (super intriguing). 898 more words


A Park of Good Character

As I’ve hinted at in some of the previous posts, Shanghai Disneyland was not busy while we were there. This may have been because it was right after the New Year holiday, maybe because it was a little chilly and “foggy”, maybe they just aren’t getting the turnout they hoped for after the initial surge of interest. 206 more words


words as meaning

for  the  asking

and use on   the power

for the push meaning

and its own called on the  timing

and it held

and speaking

and use… 47 more words


The wrong side of goodbye

The boxes are (mostly) packed.

The moving truck comes tomorrow.

The going away parties are next week.

6 months ago if you had told me I would be moving to DC, I would have told you you are crazy. 334 more words