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Look out! She's got a ticket to ride (to Ireland)

Gulp! We purchased our tickets to Ireland this week.  Things are certainly moving quickly from a theoretical move to the magical land of Ronan’s childhood to the reality that we are really moving our family to Ireland in just 16 weeks time.   185 more words


Things I Forgot To Take Care Of (Or Could Have Done Better) Before Moving Abroad

I have moved across countries four times so far in my life, some were planned ahead and some were more unpredictable. Moving abroad can be stressful because there are a lot of things one needs to do before leaving and prepare for living in the new country. 1,511 more words


SyncroBo In Action: Moab

We took Bo to Moab for a few days to test out some equipment and figure out what works and doesn’t, before we headed to europe. 18 more words


Moving Forward (but still holding on)

Another week as past, and another day goes by that I have yet to make friends in our new hometown.  It reminds me of when my husband and I were newlyweds, and the only people I regularly hung out with were either his friends, or those I met at work.  512 more words



Making decisions can be weird, especially when you make a decision that makes sense—even if in your heart it feels almost counter-productive. I had been living at my cousin’s house now for 4 months, and now that I have a lease and a move-in date for my own apartment, I’ve moved back in to my parents’ house. 264 more words


Hello hello from the great white Midwest

Concerned readers will be happy to know that I am finally back from my hiatus. I am writing to you from a whole new city: Chicago! 298 more words


Feeling Trunky

As a missionary in Hungary many years ago, we sometimes used the term “trunky” to describe the feeling some missionaries would get when their time to return home to their families was approaching. 602 more words

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