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Good Bye Delaware! But Thank You for everything.

The day I have dreamed of for a very very long time — the day I say good bye to Delaware — has come!

I have always criticized Delaware for being “boring”, “dry”, “too small”, “not diverse enough”, but the reality is that it was and will always be home. 274 more words

Moving to Berlin - Part 1

It’s been around 4 months since we officially moved to Berlin. Since everything regarding topics which should be starting ones on blog of this kind already happened to us, some of the postsĀ at the beginning are going to be our small retrospective to these events. 973 more words


That Awful Mess On The Via Merulana*

“I’m sorry darling,” I say to Seb, as we’re sitting up in bed this morning drinking coffee. “I have to get out of here. Mess and disorder has a bad effect on my mental state and…” 293 more words

Project 35 | Day 220

The secrets glasses wearers know and don’t share start and end with… You will feel like you are falling every time you take a step when you put new glasses on until you brain gets used to them! 103 more words


Leaving Home, and Everyone that Made Montreal My Home (Pt. 5)

This post is the final part of theĀ Leaving Home, and Everyone that Made Montreal My Home.

I’ve moved to London almost exactly two days ago. 432 more words


Where the story begins

Folks often say
the story begins where the home is.
I quite like this little flat. It just hit me that,
we are moving out. 323 more words


Fear of the Tomorrow

Why is worry so painful? Why is fear so all consuming? I don’t know. As humans, we tend to shy away from things that hurt. We have no problem not touching hot stoves because getting burned hurts. 655 more words

Scriptures For Dealing