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30th July 2016

So we’ve finally moved into our London flat and it’s gorgeous! We don’t have any furniture yet but we’re acquiring it slowly… very slowly! I love it though and I love living with Dan so much. 82 more words

Journal Entries

The family here

So now that I have left my family at home in Denmark,
I luckily have gotten a whole new family here in California.
My husband is Mexican, and it is so fun to explore all the cultural differences we have. 148 more words

Leaving California (not the song by Maroon 5)

Erica, who somehow surpassed Allison in being the worst at posting on this blog on time.

I’ve never moved before.

Granted, our house has gone through two remodels and I’ve switched rooms once, but those were always minor fluctuations in my ever constant living situation. 835 more words

Good and Bad Excitement

D. found and turned in the application for an apartment. I really hope and pray he gets it because Monday is the first and I need to get my stuff packed and this house ready to sell. 148 more words

True Life

Roadblock to Freedom - Stuff

Hey y’all!   How is everybody?  I’m doing pretty well.  I just need somebody to come hold my hand and talk to me while I move stuff from one box (unpacking) to another (donations).  789 more words

Adulting Level 107: Buying Furniture

Never, ever, in my life, have I ever had to buy furniture. Today, I halfway entered Level 107 of Adulthood, and bought a few pieces of furniture! 136 more words


The house of happily ever after

Because of a chain of events starting three months ago (featuring a PhD application, Odin Theatre’s ISTA and a Good Friday procession), I find myself today waiting to welcome the crowd that will inspect the house that I am vacating after my life took a series of an unexpected turns. 276 more words