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Locks of Loss #7

Children are cruel. If you look different, don’t have the cool toys, or know the lingo of the moment; you’re uncool. And boy will they let you know if you are uncool with zero hesitation. 1,001 more words


Skipping these first steps may cause a rocky downsizing

The early stages of downsizing are critical to ensuring a smooth ride, especially if there are a number of family members involved. 556 more words


Moving Dream Vignette

“We’re not living here any longer,” my wife announced. “We’re moving. Come on, pack up. Let’s go.”

I was bewildered. It was a dream, of course. 222 more words


I wish

I wish I could say I was relaxing today. I wish I could!

I am doing 4 loads of laundry. I am unpacking my car. I am organizing my room. 174 more words


On The Move

“I’m moving across the country.”

Doesn’t that sentence already sound pretty hefty with stress and craziness in it of itself?

Try moving across the country twice in the same year using only suitcases and a trunk. 1,532 more words

Connections: October 22.17

I groped for the word: appalling? scary? astonishing? embarrassing? All the above?

This is one of two units in which the stuff of my life is stored. 215 more words


**Context: I wrote this on the plane on the way to Hong Kong. Leaving it as I wrote it, even though I’m publishing it a month and 10 days later.** 988 more words