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Some Big News

After over a year of looking, we are moving!!!  We decided in 2016 that it was time to leave our suburban neighborhood and look for a property with a bit of land, peace and solitude.  256 more words


Creating a hard vlog about bullying.

So today I started to make a vlog that was and is about why we recently relocated.

The general jist of it is because we were bullied and this wasn’t a case of a bit of name calling but something that went on for months and months and was exceptionally hard to deal with. 277 more words

Stress? What stress?

I’ve been lucky these past few months, with no major stressful events going on, outside of the usual stressors of teaching and being a single parent. 384 more words


No Going Back

I moved recently.

Actually, let me start over. Those three words do not paint an accurate enough story. Sure, we boxed up all our belongings, rented the biggest U-Haul truck known to man, and a bunch of our friends helped us load up the truck, drove the three miles to our new house, then unpacked the truck. 743 more words

Acts Of Bravery

November: Life Updates from Dana

Having only posted three times since August, I’ve been noticeably absent from the blogging world. This absence didn’t start off as intentional– coming back from… 1,483 more words


The crazy excitement of moving abroad

Moving out is stressful, very stressful. But moving in is so exciting! What if your moving involves changing country too? Well, then the excitement reaches an all new level and the stress for the moving out falls in the background. 737 more words

Moving Abroad


Recently a lot of people around us are moving.

The financial situation appears to look better, so bigger houses are bought. As a kid I moved a lot, think my eldest brother went to four different primary schools. 397 more words

Conscious Living