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Just When I Think Life Couldn't Possibly Get Any More Chaotic.....

My phone rang and the caller I.D. announced it was my oldest child. She lives 1,000 miles away in Ohio and, though we don’t get to see each other every day, she is definitely a Mommy’s Girl and makes the call at the end of every work shift so we can talk on her way home. 356 more words


Update on Our Lives: Commuting, Anniversary, and a Possible Move

Nathan and I have been busy the last few weeks. He stayed with relatives a few times a week to lessen his commute time, so we’ve been adjusting to that. 429 more words

Married Life

I'm back, Arizona

It’s true. I am back in Arizona.

This time around, it feels odd being here. Odd because I had left Arizona and told myself I would never come back. 636 more words


This too shall pass...

A week ago I did not know what the phrase “this too shall pass” meant. Until I googled the phrase and found out it meant that what ever you are experiencing or going through in a that moment, it will soon pass. 390 more words

How to move your stuff, toddler, and cats cross country without going insane

Since my college days I have moved 14 times and it doesn’t get easier. Ever. If anything it gets harder because you have more crap, more pets and possibly children to move now too. 1,273 more words


Road Trips, Kittens and a Numb Bum!!

I haz a numb bum! A very numb bum, I nearly had two kittens too which would have made the numb bum worth it but I was pipped at the post. 513 more words


A Not So Fun Search

Saturday May 26, 2018

Friday we ventures almost 100 miles from our hometown to the city to tour some apartments, thinking about relocating for better opportunities in a more urban area but still be located in the suburbs.  381 more words