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Moving, depression, and Linkin Park

So the last week and a half I have been getting ready to move across country, let me tell you the stress is crazy. My husband and I are doing okay I guess….I mean..it is what it is. 226 more words


Prepping to Move- Part 2

This week, I have continued my packing prep work.  We are still 4 weeks away from our move, but I really want to pack as much as possible now.   466 more words

Keeping It Real

Fence without a gate

Wait, I don’t understand.  How much for the fence again?  Something didn’t sound right.  Confusion spilled over me, and across the table the home builder broker restated, 397 more words


Leaving Myrtle Beach?!

I often wonder what it would be like if I lived somewhere else. What If Larry, the girls, and I just packed all of our stuff and left? 505 more words


New & Exciting Changes!

It’s so much easier waiting and being patient when you can see the lovely light at the end of the tunnel! Mark and I have found a new apartment that we can move into on August 1st that is gorgeous and a major step up from our current place. 568 more words

Ikea...My Storage Hero

You probably don’t know this, but we have moved :) That is, of course, total sarcasm! I feel like I’ve written a lot of posts on moving and painting and furnituring. 451 more words


A Plunge within a Plunge

An unexpected turn in my emplyoment (see relevant post) was a sign that I wasn’t in the right place for my career path, so I took a job I hoped would set me on the right road. 767 more words