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Announce big news in a big way

This year I hope to send combination Christmas-We’ve Moved cards. We expect to close on a house we’re buying before the end of the year. 218 more words

Give me a T for Texas!

Give me a T for Texas – Lynyrd Skynyrd

I spent today packing.. since I got to California, I just haven’t been able to get an traction at least where I’m at.   296 more words


A brief respite

Had dinner with friends on Friday night at an Indian restaurant.  Supposed to be South Indian but it tasted no different to any other Indian takeaway I’ve had here.  1,023 more words


Boo @ Today

I drove a U-Haul full of furniture I’m giving my sister from Dallas to Houston today. The drive normally takes about four hours with a stop, but today? 63 more words


When your heart is a broken compass

I sit here typing this from my childhood bedroom feeling fairly worthless. I have yet to experience anything worse than the ache of packing up your life and removing yourself from someone you love dearly. 396 more words


Work's been pretty interesting lately...

Work’s been pretty interesting lately. Today was the kind of day that would make you go -hmmm.. “Why?” you ask. The answer is quite simple, yet if I go into much detail one might think  I’m kidding, weird, overreacting or crazy, maybe paranoid or even, just even,… slightly… telling …the truth. 1,084 more words


As we head into my favorite season, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for how blessed we have been this year.  Last week we had Thanksgiving dinner at our house with a few of our military friends and it was so fun to share everyone’s traditional foods and enjoy each other’s company.   312 more words