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A Mothering Vision and Practice of Gracious Physicality

Toward the end of the above video, Gray Cook says that medical professionals, such as physical therapists, need to remember that we do not “make” movement, but that movement simply happens. 1,150 more words


Moving Naturally on the Road to Recovery

The popular image of American Soldiers is that of hard, strong, tough fighting men and women charging the front lines and protecting our freedom. While this is absolutely true, there is the less seen aspect of this life, and that is the effect this has on the body. 595 more words

Movement Makes You Smarter

Movement Makes You Smarter.

“Dr. Alloway continues his exploration with various test groups. Does Yoga do the same thing? How about listening to a lecture? How about conventional exercise?

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The Great Conflagration

It Starts with Gratitude

When I decided to start blogging, the hardest part was figuring out how to start the first post. Of course I could say “Hey, welcome to my blog! 872 more words

Trail Running


Simple, proper, and effective movements and techniques will never fail you in the search to become “fitter” ┬áMove well and move often.


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A day of constant movement

Think about a stream where the water is constantly flowing. The water is clear and pure. Conversely, a body of water that sits motionless soon becomes stagnant and filthy. 79 more words