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WOD 3/6/2015

Warm Up- Roll -8min/ Skinny PVC pipe-4 min/  Wall Sliders 3×8 / Bi lateral external Rotations 3×8

Active Movement Warm Up- 10 FHC/ 10 Deep Air Squats (mobility at bottom ROM)/ 20 Mountain Climbers  3x… 80 more words

I'm hanging on... somewhere in AFRICA!

Upper body strength isn’t about my three pound weights

A few days ago we constructed the first branch (te he) of our at-home-outdoor-adventure playground: something for me to hang on. 512 more words


WOD 3.4.2015

Warm Up-  10min Rolling/ Bird Dog 3 min (extension/ flexion/  and when the leg is out..work on contracting that glute)

3 min – Up Dog/ Down Dog/ Child’s pose… 94 more words

How a Simple Movement Tracker Could Save your Mobility

Let’s see.  I was thinking lately….I know…  That is a terribly dangerous habit, and since I am always trying to think of better ways to serve my athletes, and better ways to get them to achieve the goals that their hearts desire, I realized that something was missing from their lives.   411 more words

Why I Train Like a Maine-iac!

It’s bittersweet to write this post 6 months after our amazing lake vacation.  Living deeply in the winter, the long days and warm nights feel very far away, so hopefully reflecting on a week of active relaxation on the hot Little Sebago warms our souls.   692 more words



This is it.  Right here.  The life you have…the one you have currently been living….it is here….and believe it or not it is right now.  There are things we have done, and there are things we will do….but in truth all you have that is promised to you is right now.   664 more words

Mobile Movement Instruction

We are stoked to offer mobile Mocean365 training in the Eugene, Oregon area. See more about our training under both Projects and Move With Mocean365 here on the site… 15 more words