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Sail by the edge

I used to say that I was a pessimist but down there in my heart, I was a skeptic person. After every test, I took or interview I took I would worry a lot about the consequences.   181 more words

Half-way Done

It’s here, June 30. Half-way through the 2017 year.  Where has it gone?  One day at a time.

Did you have any specific goals you are planning to accomplish in 2017?   177 more words

Furthering the experience

So this is what happened to me.

Lucky a friend snuck photos so I could see the pictures of what actually happened to me and so I could see the pain I caused towards everyone I loved. 340 more words


The beginning of my journey

This is me 3 days before my accident. I’m at the gym at 10 to 5 in the morning, I would do my work out then be home before my boys got up then I would help get them ready for school and kindergarten. 237 more words


Spicy Motivation...

As we kick off the second week of January, here’s a thought for the week:

“Don’t worry about what you are giving up today, worry about what you RISK giving up if you don’t press on each day.”  – Pfitblog.com… 202 more words

Nutrition Information

Motivation Monday: Be True To You 

What if we lived in a world where people were true to themselves? In a world were everyone was so focused on living out their purpose they didn’t have time to judge or hate on the next person. 424 more words


Role Model

This is Aozora.

She is a 16-year-old junior attending Fountain Valley High School. She is a hardworking woman that ventures for more beyond the limits and magnificently executes anything that is given her way. 128 more words