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Spicy Motivation...

As we kick off the second week of January, here’s a thought for the week:

“Don’t worry about what you are giving up today, worry about what you RISK giving up if you don’t press on each day.”  – Pfitblog.com… 202 more words

Nutrition Information

Motivation Monday: Be True To You 

What if we lived in a world where people were true to themselves? In a world were everyone was so focused on living out their purpose they didn’t have time to judge or hate on the next person. 424 more words


Role Model

This is Aozora.

She is a 16-year-old junior attending Fountain Valley High School. She is a hardworking woman that ventures for more beyond the limits and magnificently executes anything that is given her way. 128 more words


Transitioning Your Writing from Hobby to Career—the Cold, Hard Truth

Is fear stopping you from turning your writing hobby into a career? Then it’s time to put on your big girl or big boy pants and stop being afraid. 503 more words

Compared? Then standout!

Please choose your competitor wisely. Don’t compare yourself with any human being or a Company (if you are a business man). Most people around respond to public opinion and not what they are designed for. 65 more words

Speak Up (Tell HIM)

There many things you go through that you find difficult to tell anyone. you cannot let your closest friend in on it neither can you mention a fraction of it to your parent. 223 more words


Tired is when you wake up every morning feeling equally as tired as you were the night before.

Tired is when every thought you have pulls you down. 150 more words