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5 Motivation Hacks for Writers

A key lesson I’ve learned as a freelancer is that self-motivation is essential for success. So when I’m without a project I don’t stop working. Instead, I follow five steps to keep moving forward. 423 more words


Thoughts on creativity on a Sunday afternoon

I am taking a moment for myself, sitting with my computer at the dining room table. The washing machine is purring in the background and my four-year-old son and his many, many toys are all over the floor, but I don’t care. 408 more words

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The Crippling Nature of Nihilism

I don’t know what to believe.

Who does any more? If you’re all set, well that’s fantabulous. I’m proud of you. But, I’m not alone over here in no man’s land. 583 more words

Musings About Life


Whatever happened to the 15th century style of critical thinking? The human capacity for knowledge is so incredibly vast, yet why don’t we utilize it? I wish I lived during the Enlightenment, I feel as if that’s where I belong. 282 more words


Letting Go and Grabbing Hold

The complete and utter laziness that I exhibit on a daily basis is genuinely astounding. I literally laughed at myself in my kitchen this week because I couldn’t manage to make myself put the dishes in the dishwasher. 598 more words

Just get up and GO!....

Yesterday morning I woke up at 3:30am – which is my standard waking hour – but I felt totally shattered when I woke and really didn’t feel like getting up at all. 392 more words


Week 1, Day 1

Hey guys! Today is day 1 of our 8 weeks fitness challenge. We have tested it and it is really good. But do ensure that your towel and water bottle are near you. 87 more words