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How to Fall in Love With Your Writing

Do you enjoy the act of writing? Do you love to write? Let’s find out if you really love sitting down and putting words on paper. 291 more words

Life is a Roller-coaster. Nothing new... Right

It is nothing new that life is a roller-coaster.
The build up when your life is great, you feel awesome, everything is awesome around you…. Then boom…. 505 more words


What do you do?

Sometimes life is a struggle and there is nothing you can do about it.
What about when it is you, the person that is making the wrong choices and only realise after you have done the action that you have done something truly heart-breaking. 603 more words


What is a Teacher?

I was going to start this blog in a negative light, mainly because I felt hard done by through being cast aside because I offered a change and I got asked if I was a trained teacher. 423 more words


The quote "there is a fine line between...."

That could be used on a multitude of different similarities i.e. insanity and genius, optimism and delusional, stubbornness and determined, and my favourite arrogance and self-assured. 554 more words



This past week, I have had many wins. First, was on the Tuesday heading to Uni, I had to stop in and get gas and because I slowly fill up the fuel into the car (many reasons for this but the top one is it saves money). 541 more words


Never try just do...

Trying is asking for failure. Thats why I am not going to try and workout more, eat better, and read more. I am going to do all of those things and excel. 78 more words