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What is your self image?

That is a question that stumps most people.
My accident destroyed apart of my self image. You may be thinking well of course it did you got hit by a car. 284 more words


What does it take to be a "Man"

In Kenya, they are leading the charge with building up a positive image, towards being masculine. That helps my point so much one that I have about the ideas of male and female but those words describe physicality in a sense. 376 more words


Success.... How do you achieve it?


Now that is an subjective word, like knowledge, justice, fairness, or raising children the “right” way. What is right?

The correct way is….. Shit I do not know. 427 more words


Feeling sorry for One's self

Everyone is prone to feeling sorry for yourself, much like the guy in this photo. ∨That was me in my first week at rehab, I do not remember anything of that first week but I can have a guess that I was missing my beard hahaha. 388 more words


10 Rules for Writers From Maya Angelou

If you had the privilege of attending any of Maya Angelou’s speaking engagements, then you came away with much to think about. She remains one of the most quoted Americans, and many of her quotations speak to writers. 415 more words

One Vintage Photo Can Inspire a Best-Selling Novel

Did you know that a vintage snapshot provided author Ramson Riggs with inspiration for his best-selling book, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children?

Browse through the following collections of vintage photographs, and, who knows, one picture might be the inspiration for YOUR best-selling novel! 574 more words

One step forward, Two steps back

Since my last post I have had some amazing comments along with lots of warming messages ((keep em coming)) , which has been so uplifting and motivating and I thank EVERYONE and anyone who actually reads these posts in general. 746 more words