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Tomorrow is my birthday

On the 11th of January, 1987, I came into this world, like most people a squawking, bloody mess hahaha. Tomorrow, New Zealand Time, I will be 31 most reading this will think whoop de do that’s not that special and by general western standards it isn’t. 344 more words


Do you know what is the right way?

There are many people who try to tell you that you are taking the wrong path in life.
The idea to take from that is to feel sorry for them, the reason why I say that is because at some point in their life they were told the same thing. 536 more words


When the body is more damaged then you realise

Everyone has experienced when your body is working at it’s top, mine however is a memory, like a lot of peoples.
But the thing is it does not have to be the same as what it once was, it can be the best of what it is at this stage of your life. 611 more words


What is your self image?

That is a question that stumps most people.
My accident destroyed apart of my self image. You may be thinking well of course it did you got hit by a car. 284 more words


What does it take to be a "Man"

In Kenya, they are leading the charge with building up a positive image, towards being masculine. That helps my point so much one that I have about the ideas of male and female but those words describe physicality in a sense. 376 more words


Success.... How do you achieve it?


Now that is an subjective word, like knowledge, justice, fairness, or raising children the “right” way. What is right?

The correct way is….. Shit I do not know. 427 more words


Feeling sorry for One's self

Everyone is prone to feeling sorry for yourself, much like the guy in this photo. ∨That was me in my first week at rehab, I do not remember anything of that first week but I can have a guess that I was missing my beard hahaha. 388 more words