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Poetry (Day 282): Cut


The smell of freshly cut grass
is a simple pleasure
that just can’t be explained.
But I would gladly live
without that little high… 10 more words


Neil's fiver

Manager of the Week – Week 7

Neil Reynolds picked up this week’s fiver with a 64. Doyley scored 58, Jack Mann 57, Luke Patey… 40 more words


No Muddying the Waters

N&R Manager of the Week – Week 6

Muddy came up trumps in week 6 and wins his first prize money for an eternity. 71 points and the best score this season. 47 more words


A taste for plums

I have a double lot and I don’t mow the second one. There are two plum trees and an apple tree, and the local deer love it. 17 more words

Rural Doctor

6 and 6. 66

Manager of the Week – Week 5

Simon Ward, recently over shadowed by his young bro, picked up Week 5’s MoW fiver with a 66 point victory. 99 more words


Bigg Ben

Manager of the Week – Week 3

A shared Week 3 MoW between Ben Guarino and Alastair Bigg. Both managers scored 55, Richard Carpanen… 73 more words


Calvary ends a very busy summer

It’s the day after Labor Day. It might not be the official end of summer, but that’s what many people think. While it’s been a great summer for golf, boating, biking and all those fun hot weather activities, it’s also been a great summer for growing grass. 273 more words