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Meals on Wheels: It is important to me.

I have seen all of the talk about Meals on Wheels and how some people don’t think that this is an important program.  Well here is my take on it. 822 more words

Chronicles/Adventures With The Old Man (Aging Parent Tales)

Beauty and the Beast

“Would you ever like a beast like me?”

Something hit me about the movie and the song, that’s why I like to have it on my music of the week, aside from the fact that my colleague keeps on singing it in the office. 133 more words


First blog post

Hill-N-Dale Lawn Care LLC . Serving the Sellersburg Indiana and surrounding areas. We are working  to help GREEN solutions in our area. Keeping the subdivisions and business lawns neat and clean all year long. 12 more words


MOW: Versace on the floor

Bruno Mars is back! I love the way he writes and performs each of his song I become an instant fan.

Versace on the floor is a so-so rated x song, if you have a dirty mind though, it’s like a Bruno Mars sequel for the song “Our First Time”. 140 more words


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 178: Comma Abuse

I think the rain has finally lifted, which means that my clothes can finally be washed without getting rained upon for long enough to make them require being washed again, which makes me happy as I’m running out of clothes, which is a bad thing as I don’t want to be going into work wearing dirty clothes, or anywhere else for that matter as I much prefer to look and smell clean, although at times I can’t really be bothered with the whole shower thing (usually when I’m in the middle of nowhere and pretty much nowhere else, unless I am gravely mistaken, for which I apologise if I just so happen to be), but even so, there is a requirement that I at least smell and look hygienic, so hygienic I must remain, part of which involves having clean clothes to wear when I’m off to work or other places that I am choosing to go, so I am glad that the rain is over as now my clothes will dry and I’ll be able to do some plant maintenance and mow the backyard as the grass has grown rather long over the many days of wet water falling from the sky onto the earth that lies so innocently below, so now it requires the cutting of the force of blades spinning really fast at a low level above the ground in order to help maintain the backyard and make sure that it is easy enough to get around without wondering if you’re stepping on any small creatures (it’s gotten pretty bad), so, other than the washing, that will also be taken care of, as well as the plants that I’m growing as it seems that, whilst they have been very appreciative of the great deal of water that they have received since the wet weather set in, they too are getting tired of it as some of them seem to have some sort of parasite growing on them (by them, I am referring to just one plant) and that’s not something I want to allow so I’ll be taking care of that as quickly as I can, which is probably not that fast now that I think about it as, whilst I’d like to believe I’m rather quick when it comes to getting things done, I’m probably not quick in the slightest although I imagine that I’m much faster than other people, although that’s not really something for me to judge right now as I’m sitting down in front of the computer trying to procrastinate in the hopes that everything that needs to be done will instead take care of itself, but as we all know that a backyard won’t start mowing itself, it is something that I am tasked to take care of whether I want to or not, despite my silent protesting by sitting around and doing nothing, so I may as well get up and take care of it it as soon as I can. 69 more words


'Sects Tuesday 02/28/2017

*In all fairness to Buzz, I must admit… this is a holiday time of year that escapes me a little as well… excessive binging in advance of excessive fasting during… 12 more words

Comic Strip

MOWs: Molly Wagner, Peggy Magro

This is part of a series highlighting our different “Members of the Week” from the past. Today we feature freshman Molly Wagner and sophomore Peggy Magro.  172 more words