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Muddy's up

Manager of the Week – Week 35

We’ve seen it all now. Muddy Waters, the man who thrives on picking a team for a season in July and leaving it well alone, and sat last week in 24th place of the N&R Conference, only went and one the week 35 MoW fiver!! 60 more words


Knowles nails it

Manager of the Week – Week 34

Another first win of the season, this time for William Knowles, who won a fiver with his 62 point haul in week 34. 44 more words


Trailer for “Gone: Finding My Daughter” on Vimeo

At 16 Ashley was forced to give up her daughter. 18 years later, on the eve of their meeting for the first time, the girl disappears without a trace. 39 more words

Winnipeg, Manitoba

003. reSEARCH - courage + yarbles

Installment #3 of what we’re calling The Research Stuff aired Sunday, March-25-2018.

The third of a planned forty-nine movies, each forty-nine minutes long, featuring no particular artist, working no particular theme, pursuing no particular agenda beyond boldly going … who knows? 128 more words

Bob Dylan

Brown stuff

Manager of the Week – Week 31

A first MoW award for Richard Brown hitting a 55, one more than James Stiff in week 31. 29 more words


Mowing That Grass

The grass has begun to grow-

So the neighbors are in full mow.

Ain’t all that hard-

After first clearing the yard.

Of leaves and sticks- 85 more words

Mary Elizabeth Rumsey

Week 30 was a Golden one

Golden Manager of the Week – Week 30

We forgot to add that week 30 was a £25 Golden MoW prize week therefore Rob Smith… 9 more words