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I have always loved mowing my lawn. The perfectionist in me loved taming the wild grass. Plus, I love the smell (allergies be damned).

Over the winter my one season old, beautiful, self-propelled mower was stolen. 447 more words


I managed to suffer the heat and mow the yard. I have company coming and i want it to look presentable. But I have given up on weeding and edging. 8 more words

"Can I look through your purse??"

Upon your request, I’m going to go through my purse today too! I loved your purse post Chelsea, it got me deep. I remember asking you this when I first met you because I loved watching what’s-in-your-purse videos online at the time. 725 more words


639. Mow the lawn!

Owen’s wife was forever going on about how he should mow the lawn.

“Stop lounging on your backside reading the paper,” she said. “Look at the length of that grass.” 82 more words



Más mexicano… no se puede!

Una historia de amor contada al muy buen estilo de novela-drama donde hay intrigas, injusticias, un amor imposible, triángulos amorosos, cachetadas, el personaje que realmente podes llegar a detestar tanto y también aquel con el que identificas *suspira :)*. 264 more words


'Mobile Optimized Web' in Marketplace, it's much more than just another project by Mozilla

Mozilla always had a clear goal of keeping the Web as the most powerful public resource, and keeping web open and accessible for anyone. Mozilla was formed when there was a threat to openness of web, and till today Mozilla is proudly standing there for the web. 425 more words


Mary Elizabeth Rumsey's Rhyme And Reason-During The Summer Season (296)

Better mow that grass fast-

For rain is on the way, and that dry yard will not last.