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G.O.A.T -(Get Out And Tango)

I only mowed my garden late last week,

And it needs another mow,

I think I’ll buy a goat instead,

And let him have a go.

Double bubble for Sooz

Manager of the Week – week 35

A second MoW for Soozie in a month as she clambers out of the relegation zone and wins a fiver in week 35. 58 more words


Repurposed Grass Clippings

A couple of months ago, a coworker told me about an ingenious way he used grass clippings from his freshly mowed yard: in the chicken coop! 197 more words


Mow mow mow your boat

What time is it too early,

To mow my shaggy lawn,

According to my neighbour,

Shortly after dawn.

No Sweat

Manager of the Week – week 34

Sweaty celebrates his and Mrs Sweaty’s great news by romping to the week 34 MoW prize. 56 for Lee, followed by 52 for… 48 more words