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Davor does it again, but oh Matt!

N&R Manager of the Week – Week 26

The 2nd MoW for Davor in 4 weeks and with an identical score, lucky 49.

It was a week for those lower down the rankings to impress and one of our most accomplished to have a ‘mare. 47 more words


Bigg apple

N&R Manager of the Week – Week 25

Alastair Bigg, our man in NYC picked up a few dollars more in week 25 with a nice little earner. 45 more words


Possibly the best weekly score ever?

Manager of the Week – Week 24

Now I am going to need to do some research but we reckon that Aaron Barden’s 123 points in week 24 was maybe the highest ever… 61 more words


The start of the Avocado

There are over 500 varieties of avocados, the rich in protein magnesium and fibre fruits. At the end of may 2014 I decided I wanted to try to grow an avocado plant, so I bought 3 avocados and collected the seeds. 118 more words



Manager of the Week – Week 23

Davor, my favourite Serbian guerrilla warfare undercover operative, came up trumps in week 23 top scoring with 49 points, one more than… 80 more words


A right Whalley

Manager of the Week – Week 21

A double round of PL games in week 21 over the Christmas period, so a big scoring week with… 88 more words


Double Gold

Golden Manager of the Week – Week 20.

£50 was the Golden Manager of the 20th Week giveaway to help us celebrate our 20th N&R FL season and guess what? 86 more words