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The MOW the merrier

This is the really beautiful debut single “Grasiah” from Madrid’s MOW (Gabriela Casero). Can’t wait to hear MOW from her in 2017. MOW  -geddit? Oh.


Santa brings Jason the festive fiver

N&R Manager of the Week – Week 20

Jason Syrett won the festive fiver with a solid if not super score of 56 in week 19. 79 more words


Week 21 MoW

A little heads up that Week 21 will be our big Platinum MoW with a £50 prize.

Week 12 won by George Northover, and week 30 are designated… 6 more words


Dirty Harry

N&R Manager of the Week – Week 19

As anticipated the Best weekly score got blown out of the water in week 19 as 43 managers beat the previous best of 74. 32 more words


MOWs: Liz Jaye, Roselin Bains

This is part of an ongoing series that showcases our Members of the Week in the past weeks. Today, we feature both Liz Jaye and Roselin Bains.  95 more words


Best weekly score update

Best Weekly Score

John Button joined Paul Hodges as the Best weekly score after John’s great efforts in week 17.

1. Paul Hodges, week 13, 74 points… 40 more words


Button holes top score

N&R Manager of the Week – Week 17

A joint season’s best score for John Button. Well done sir. Wardy was one short with 73 and… 45 more words