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Green fingers

Manager of the Week – Week 3

Ian Kennett┬áis currently tending his garden or knowing Ian, climbing the Pyrenees, clocked week 3’s MoW award with 61 points, 4 better than… 70 more words



it has been extremely humid here for a good portion of the summer… this is not the norm… well it wasn’t before…

for the last few weeks there has been fog or heavy dew nearly every day… 236 more words

Big Girl Pants


I managed to get one of my orders finished and work on a second one. I should have finished but I had to mow the yard (which was a lot easier with the new mower, even though the ground was wet and the grass got kinda chewed) and I slept for half the day with a headache.

Conference boys running wild

Manager of the Week – Week 2

Trevor Fairweather is going to be the end of us. Another fiver he has won after his second successive MoW week. 98 more words



Quick mow. Grass grew only a 1/2 inch from last week. 8 more words

Trenton Mow

Regular mow today. The grass had grown, but not as much as before it got hot and dry.

Cut to 3 1/2 inches.

Was 4 1/2 in the front. 101 more words

Knock me down with a Fairweather

Manager of the Week – Week 1

The one manager out of the 96 that picked Leicester’s Marc Albrighton also happened to be the first week’s… 116 more words