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May Art

In a recent post I mentioned that I was drawing images inspired by the book Almanac of the Uncanny by Reader’s Digest Australia (1995). Here are some of the resulting illustrations. 163 more words


The Crop Circle Engima, Part III

Welcome to Part III of our four-part series on Crop Circles, written by new age author Judy Hall.

Hall, who lives in England, spent time visiting crop circle formations that appeared there earlier this summer, and has been sharing her experiences and background on these phenomenons on our blog this month. 1,400 more words


The Trouble with Wallabies

A week or two ago, a suspiciously happy circle cropped up on a hillside near my home. This constitutes my only first-hand experience with a crop circle so I was delighted to discover that in the great state of… 969 more words

Popular Culture

Crop Circles Revisited

I recently promised that I would revisit the topic of crop circles, in response to comments left on a previous post on the topic. Many comments. 836 more words