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August Mowing

The lawn is tempurpedic,

My tennis shoes sinking into luxury

Of crackly, misshapen leaves,

Delicate green shoots, and

Green-velvety moss,

Like an exotic quilt

Crafted by God. 276 more words

Language & Writing

"Mowing in the rain? No Thank You Sir."

In spite of the horrible weather surrounding my area lately, I managed to get the grass mowed today after work.  The grass wasn’t too wet, thanks to the wind, but the ground sank a bit with every step like a sponge.  117 more words


Three Autumn Yard Chores (2015)

1. Mowing yard.
2. Raking leaves.
3. Blowing sidewalk and leaves.

As it were-

Always the more experienced



The Garden as Spring Begins

As the warm weather sets in for the beginning of Spring, as well as lawn mowing, there are many jobs to get done in the garden and vegetable patch. 477 more words


The Winter Garden

During the Winter lawn mowing frequency slows, as do most tasks in the garden.  But it is not a time for complacency as there is still a lot of work to do. 636 more words


Age and Babies

This is more about life than Babies.  Yesterday, I had my 62nd Birthday which makes me qualify to receive Social Security.  I think I’m like the majority of people at about this age, in that I definitely don’t feel that old (except for my Knees, my eyes, my teeth etc).   166 more words