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The Frights of Spring

by Mike McHugh
Most people are happy when what passes for winter around here finally loosens its grip on our state. I’m not one of them. 585 more words

The War Within (A poem)

I know others have experienced this too.

It is stirring now, the war within. metallic blades each reducing their opponents.

Enforced humility is their harsh reality. 159 more words

Different Thoughts

Weird and Wacky Sports volume 2

So after initially posting about some odd and peculiar sports such as extreme ironing I’ve had friends tell tale of other such sports.  What might these be I hear you say inquisitively, well that’s what this is for. 428 more words

Spring has near enough sprung I guess.

I base this on the enactment of the sacred yearly ritual observed by my neighbors, whom we will call the Mumbles. Mr. Mumble has been hard at work on this compelling annual task all morning. 360 more words

Lawn Expert Trey Rogers: The Lawn Geek's Top Ten Lawn Tips


People love to see and have a beautifully manicured yard. However, the steps to make that into a reality can be hard to figure out. 445 more words


Journey 111: The Wheels on the Mower Go Round and Round

Today’s fun journey may seem small and insignificant. However, it was a first for me, and the outcome was beneficial for another.

Greg and I have been in Arkansas all day. 479 more words

Year Of Journeys