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Don't Try

We’ve been going about it all wrong. I’ve figured out a new way to grow grass. Simply don’t try.

It’s along the same lines as reverse psychology. 242 more words


Same Result

Last fall I bought a new yard tractor to mow grass. It’s a level up from the model we took on from the previous property owners, with a much sturdier mowing deck and improved steering. 462 more words



“No one knew who they were, or what they were doing…”


It Is Over

I heard my friends talking about their broccoli from their garden. Even though I didn’t plant broccoli and I’m very impressed with my friends’ harvests… 560 more words

Pleasant Shade Cemetery

About six years ago, i started hacking away at the brush, weeds, and sprouts which had engulfed a tiny cemetery at the corner of what was my grandpa’s land (he gave it to me later).  7,073 more words


Two Masters

There are currently two different masters vying for my time, excluding the myriad other commitments, like the day-job, commuting to the day-job, a decent night’s sleep, doing my plank exercises, and some longed-for idle down time to give my weary head a break. 354 more words


the first mowing of the season

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