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Mushrooms Lovers: are mushrooms really important to increase the beauty of lawns

Do not Look at Mushrooms

It’s a good morning after a long spell tag. You step outside to check out the gardens, and there they are. 478 more words

Bed Edging


The not so surprising thing about surprises is that by their very nature they take you by surprise. Some are bad like the letter I got recently informing me I had been caught on camera in Watford on the 30th April at 0657 travelling at 41mph in a 30 zone. 1,184 more words


How to Design a Low-Maintenance Garden

There are things that affect plants for food development for children, and they can be used for medical dramatic effects that affect some time for children. 304 more words


Safety Alerts For Garden Works

On top it looks like a pretty safe hobby effort. However, every year, 400,000 people injured during gardening, many of them seriously. Safety is a real concern for the garden, so be careful when gardening is used. 866 more words

Clean Up

Lawnmower Man

This interesting artwork of a man mowing a lawn was an entry in an art exhibition held in Dunedin (New Zealand) earlier this year and me and my SO both admired it. 92 more words

New Zealand

Another calf is on the way!

Being immobile for another week means my news is somewhat second hand, but that is not quite as bad as it sounds because alongside the Friday morning meeting, Chris and I ‘chew the cud’ every evening, and every afternoon I have a 90minute session with our woofers when they share their daily notes and I attempt to answer questions. 922 more words


Mowing on a Hot Summer Evening

Today has been another hot summer day with temps again in the triple digits (>38).

But, I really needed to mow my yard. The grass was getting long and volunteer trees were popping up all over the place. 382 more words