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Mowing: Weekly or Bi-Weekly
Blowing • Trimming Shrubs • Raking • Leaf Removal Weed Control • Lawn Fertilizing • Clean-Up • Snow Removal.

We are Licensed & Bonded and a member of the Indiana Lawn Care Association. All work satisfaction is guaranteed!

Lawn Care

How To Maintain a Hassle-Free Lawn Mowing – Sydney Lawn Care Experts Share 5 Crucial Steps to Follow: smithjeremy327

Lawn mowing, according to Sydney lawn care experts, is one of the various efforts involved in smart lawn care that must be carefully executed. Such effort is not just about maintaining a well-groomed outdoor space. 21 more words

The Need for Routine Lawn Mowing and Why You Should Never Skip It

Common issues affecting your lawn’s condition are not only limited to dry weather, over-watering, or uncontrollable weeds. Lack of regular mowing can also cause lawn problems in the long run, especially since some people tend to mow only when the grass is already noticeably longer. 94 more words


Lawn Mowing in Templestowe – Choosing Turf or Seed for that New Lawn

No matter how much time and effort is put into the maintenance of flower borders, rockeries, and trimming and shaping bushes and hedges, without a well maintained, flat, green lawn, all that effort can be to no avail. 80 more words



It’s unprecedented this late that I would be tidying up and mowing on November 19 of any year…but it was and I did and enough mice moved out from in front of me to justify having done so…giving better access to cats and coyotes to keep the place clean and rodent free… 57 more words