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“What the literal fuck was that!?” Cindy Owens wails eyes nearly out of her head “we’ve got the footage!? What footage do we have!?” looking around at the silent staffers “well!? 608 more words


I am Columbia

“Welcome back!” Cindy Owens smiles through the cameras “we were just talking about the big, big, big, big-big, big story of maybe the century!” the crowd is going wild “and you know I got the footage!” leaning forward mouth and eyes wide she let’s out a “HA!” the audience roars now out of the seats “okay, okay, let me finish everyone” her voice like butter, smile ear to ear, and that I’m not from Texas Texas hair ever so Texas. 573 more words


July, 2014

ⓒ Rilemi Millinicki, 2017

ⓒ Rilemi Millinicki, 2017

ⓒ Rilemi Millinicki, 2017


Rat Salad Residuals Vol 2.: Remnants in the ember


This is the second collection of music and information from obscure bands from the 60’s and the 70’s.
Similarly to the first post, this contains general mixture of hard rock, blues & prog rock artist from all around the world. 4,828 more words


Forgotten Bands of the 1970s: Moxy

Every decade produces many great acts that are overlooked, or known only in certain places. One of those bands in the 70s was Moxy, a hard rock band popular in its native Ontario as well as the midwest, but especially in Texas. 429 more words

Classic 70s Rock


Listen up all you cool cats
I’m introducing my main chick

This foxy little cannon will
Blow. Your. Mind.

Pushed too far by the Vero Butch… 15 more words


Not Their Target Audience

I stayed in a hotel in Munich, Germany called Moxy. When I arrived the hotel lobby looked like a scene from the movie animal house. People were partying pretty hard, the music was so loud the staff had to shout to talk to you, and there was a couple making out on the sofa. 418 more words

A Year Of Inspiration