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Shots fired. The storm before the calm.

Pemba was supposed to be a stopover and more of a gateway to the Northern Archipelago as opposed to anything else but thanks to some newfound mates, a little exploration and some very friendly locals we managed to turn it into a destination with far too many beers. 3,278 more words


Mozambique Mining: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal may buy local coal

Japanese steelmaker Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal is analysing the purchase of coking coal from Mozambique and other countries in an effort to offset the volatility of ore prices, said the group’s executive vice president. 143 more words

Mozambique Mining Industry

Why Walk When You Could Die Instead: Transport in Africa

Death is coming for us all. This song and dance we call life is fleeting, and the curtain could close on any of us at any time. 1,298 more words

AfroUrban backpacks trend, from Moçambique!

African print adds flair to any outfit. It says absolute African and modern when accessories are clad in fabrics inspired by AFRICA.

Ola from Moçambique! HAMBA now my travel company is going to African festivals and we saw backpacks at Azgo Festival and bought ourselves one for the laptop baggage. 139 more words



Foram mais de 18 meses de preparação, que incluíram muita pesquisa e muito estudo aprofundado sobre a música juvenil, procedida de muita prática e trabalho duro. 397 more words

Mozambique Oil & Gas: AfDB supports Government in gas contracts negotiation

African Development Bank (AfDB) technicians on Monday began a training course aimed at managers of public institutions in Mozambique focused on planning and negotiation of gas production and distribution contracts. 136 more words

Mozambique Oil And Gas Industry


This one of the greatest Art at the heart of Africa, Deep down in South Africa, somewhere around Mpumalanga province, close to Swaziland and Mozambique. 7 more words