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This week in Firefox: Testing Graphics

On Friday February 17 2017, the Firefox Beta community tested Firefox 52 Beta 7. The focus of this test day was on WebGL. WebGL is a JavaScript API for rendering  graphics in the browser without the use of plugins such as Flash or Silverlight. 287 more words


Making Journalism Better

Mozilla and Knight Foundation started a program named Open News 6 years ago. This program initiated the collaboration of developers,journalists,data reporters, and designers in hope to make journalism better. 367 more words

The Daily Show's MakeTrumpTweetsEightAgain is political commentary at its geekiest

Whether you agree or disagree with his policies, one thing is certain: making someone’s Tweets look like they were written by a third-grader is really funny. 199 more words


Nightly and Wayland Builds of Firefox for Flatpak

When I announced Firefox Developer Edition for Flatpak over a month ago, I also promised that we would not stop there and bring more options in the future. 311 more words


The Most Satisfying Graph

There were a lot of Firefox users on Beta 44.

Usually this is a good thing. We like having a lot of users.

It wasn’t a good thing this time, as Beta had already moved on to 45. 290 more words


How To Hide Tabs In Browser

Imagine that you are un the office, and watching some videos on YouTube instead of doingyour work.Even if You have a cool boss, you don’t want hime to egt the impression that you are slacking off work.Since Bosses often like to prowl around unannounced, you won’t have time to close all the open tabs in your browser, once you are chanced upon. 141 more words