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Soo!... If the single device user is dead, why are we ignoring this fact?

Once upon a time we lived in an age where most users of the web would do so from a single device. Time quickly forgot that age and with the advent of cheaper personal computing devices such as laptops and then devices such as smart phones and tablets, our devices became truly became personal. 614 more words


Mozilla Says It No Longer Needs Google's Money to Flourish

Mozilla, a non-profit organisation, says that it no longer needs Google’s money to sustain itself in the market. The Firefox maker announced that it is confident that the recent search-engine deals it has inked with other Internet companies can bring in enough money for it to function. 265 more words


Installing nginx di server berbasis Centos

Nginx atau bisa dibaca dengan Engine X merupakan salah satu aplikasi open source yang diperuntukkan untuk web server sama halnya seperti aplikasi Apache. Di usung sebagai… 290 more words


Firefox Platform Status

Strict & highly optimizable subset of JavaScript that can be used as low-level compile target.

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git commit -m"Best Practices"

All of us who use some kind of revision control system have this problem especially the one who are new to the whole git commit thing . 227 more words

How Mozilla Pays Me

When I told people I was leaving BlackBerry and going to work for Mozilla, the first question was often “Who?”

(“The Firefox people, ${familyMember}” “Oh, well why didn’t you say so”) 634 more words


Mozilla: A thought A Belief

I still remember the day back in 2013 when Anup had asked me “what do you do for yourself ? what do you do for community ? 675 more words