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Data Science is Hard: History, or It Seemed Like a Good Idea At the Time

I’m mentoring a Summer of Code project this summer about redesigning the “about:telemetry” interface that ships with each and every version of Firefox.

The minute the first student (:flyingrub) asked me “What is a parent payload and child payload?” I knew I was going to be asked a lot of questions. 735 more words


Easy way to handle "TAB" in Mozilla Browser

Are you becoming crazy to control your tab of your browser ?

Then “Tab Center” add-on is for you.

What is “Tab Center” ?

Tab Center is a vertical tab add-on which will be a part of the… 120 more words


Mozilla Firefox Tarayıcı Engeli Çözüldü

Merhaba arkadaşlar sesli chat sitemize eskiden giriş yapabildiğiniz mozilla internet tarayıcısına geçtiğimiz günlerde güncelleme gelerek activex desteği iptal edilmişti.Speakychat sohbet sistemleri Mozilla’nın yoğun olarak kullanılması sonucunda bu sorunun çözümü için farklı bir yol izlemiştir. 218 more words

It makes sense: why I love coding

Humans are amazing creatures. They have minds that technically work faster than any supercomputer created till date. Yet the huge amounts of data they process are not similar or connected, probably why we haven’t solved the answers to most questions in life. 227 more words


Smartphones are making Kenya's gambling problem even worse

Smartphones have been hailed in Africa for everything from improving emergency and rural health care to enabling e-commerce and better supply chains. But in some cases, their contribution to improving society may be debatable. 285 more words