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The boot is now on the other foot

During the 1990s, a person couldn’t turn around without bumping into the word “tolerance.” Tolerance was everywhere: tolerance for people’s sexual orientation, tolerance for people’s religious beliefs (or lack thereof), and tolerance for people’s choices regarding career and family, to name a few. 643 more words


How much can you make on Firefox OS game?

Have you ever thought about creating FirefoxOS application? Is it worth trying? How large download figures can you expect?

I was asking myself the same questions a couple of months ago. 649 more words


Post Removed

The post for the Mozilla Petition has been removed.
The petition was pro-regulation not pro-freedom, and the vote is over.
I apologize to anyone who signed the petition thinking it was for our benefit. 20 more words


Firefox OS Booth - Konstruct Fest, WBUT - 2015

Konstruct Fest WBUT – Kolkata’s First Open Source Festival. Reporting the Day 1 of this fest.

On the very first day of this biggest fest of WBUT, We, the mozillians from Kolkata gave a Firefox OS booth at the very first day of Konstruct, 2015. 144 more words


161MC - Popcorn Maker


Above is the link to my short interactive documentary made on the internet program Popcorn Maker which is a internet program, hosted and made by Morzilla; To me this has to be the most annoying software I’ve used. 103 more words


মজিলা নিয়ে এলো ভিডিও চ্যাটিং এর এক নতুন মাধ্যম Firefox Hello​ !

এই মাধ্যমে আপনাকে কোন সফটওয়্যার ডাউনলোডের ঝামেলায় পড়তে হবে না ! কিংবা কোন সাইটে লগ-ইনের ঝামেলা !
আপনার মজিলা ব্রাউসারটি-ই যথেষ্ট !!
কিভাবে চ্যাটিং করবেন? 12 more words

Tips And Tricks

Using Popcorn Maker to Remix Documentary Footage

For this task we had to remix documentary footage using the only software ‘Mozilla Popcorn Maker’. The Video I made take a Giraffe fight scene from a BBC1 documentary and puts a wrestling entrance and ending into it. 13 more words