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Trình duyệt di động Mozilla’s ultra-private vừa mới nhận một bản cập nhật lớn

Mozilla vừa phát hành bản Firefox Focus 4.0. Bản cập nhật này mang đến hàng loạt thay đổi, có thể kể đến như tự động điền văn bản, và thêm các chương trình tìm kiếm khác.


There's one day left to “Break the Internet” in order to save it

The Federal Communications Commission is set to vote tomorrow (Dec.14) on ending net neutrality in the US, a move that would allow internet service providers to charge higher fees to content providers for faster data connections. 321 more words

Firefox Quantum: Is it better then Chrome?

Firefox has been known as a slow, outdated browser for a while now. Then, Mozilla released Firefox Quantum. Once I used it, I noticed it was crazy fast: maybe even faster than Chrome. 682 more words


Mozilla just launched an augmented reality app

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Mozilla has launched its first ever augmented reality app for iOS. The company, best known for its Firefox browser, wants to create an avenue for developers to build augmented reality experiences using open web technologies, WebXR, and Apple’s ARKit framework. 350 more words



The Mozilla Foundation has fixed two security issue, one rated critical, in Firefox 57.0.2 and Firefox ESR 52.5.2.

The critical vulnerability covers a buffer overflow issue (CVE-2017-7845) that occurs when drawing and validating elements using Direct 3D 9 with the ANGLE graphics library, used for WebGL content,  97 more words


New Mozilla grant!

On the heels of a presentation at the All Things Moderation conference, where I talked about ongoing work related to the emotional tolls of human moderators who moderate small streams on Twitch, I received notice that the… 80 more words

Daily Doilies

Yahoo and Mozilla Are Suing Each Other Over a Deal Struck by Marissa Mayer

Yahoo and Mozilla are going head to head.

Yahoo and parent company Oath filed a complaint against Internet browser company Mozilla last week, claiming that it had “ 312 more words