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Mozil-low's Hierarchy of Needs

What should people have? Like all people, just because we are people?

The nice people at Mozilla–the open internet organization that spun off of internet OG Netscape and built Firefox for your browsing pleasure–defines a hierarchy of needs to include food, water, shelter and “the Internet.” Now, one could definitely take this list to task. 358 more words


Bug Marathon Dhaka 2016

About few months back I started contributing for Mozilla Quality Assurance and started to realize that I was lucky enough as I could be a part of a fabulous community where each and every person of the community is helpful and outstanding. 440 more words



Quality Assurance – the activity of checking goods or services to make sure that they are good. It is an activity to check whether the actual results match the expected results and to ensure that the product is defect free. 808 more words


Bug Marathon, Dhaka 2016

Bug Marathon, the biggest and most awaited event of Mozilla QA Bangladesh community took place on 20th and 21st May, 2016. It was like a huge get together for all the contributors of Mozilla QA Bangladesh community. 522 more words


Bug Marathon Dhaka

Mozilla  QA Bangladesh Community arranged Bug Marathon Dhaka at Independent University Bangladesh on May 20th and 21st. The 1st day was for working and learning  and the 2nd day  for contributor recognition. 180 more words


Bug Marathon, Dhaka 2016 and my feelings and experiences

Mozilla QA Bangladesh Community is running it’s glorious journey from more than one year ago and to celebrate the first year, it organized a contributor only event named… 1,167 more words


Bug Marathon, Dhaka

“Bug Marathon”, what does it mean ?  That was a question from Hossain Al Ikram to fellow Mozillians and FSA’s in Bug Marathon,Dhaka which was held on 20th and 21th May,2016 at Independent University campus.The event was organized by the Mozilla QA Bangladesh community. 673 more words