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My 5 Most Valuable Vinyl Records

As anybody who knows me will already know, I am an avid collector of all things music, namely vinyl records. I obsess over every little thing about the bands and artists I like, and I have grown to love every aspect of music in general, so when a band or artist I like announces they’re bringing out a new album I’m the first in line to preorder. 848 more words


Get half-priced drinks at Marina Bay Sands' Social Hour

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Like you, we’ve always felt a little intimidated to pop into one of the glitzy cocktail bars at the Marina Bay Sands… 360 more words


Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles, 7/18/16

Pizzeria Mozza is one of 3 restaurants run by the same group in the area. This one is medium sized, casual with a menu heavy on pizza. 461 more words


Rio Station Restaurant in Rio Grande, NJ

OKAY. SO. Besides the fact that the service was on point (thanks Michael!!!), these were the best sticks I’ve ever had. They were HUGE (the picture doesn’t do justice) and the cheese actually made up the entirety of the stick, so the cheese to breading ratio was ON POINT. 106 more words


Union Jack's Conga Hotel in Barto, PA

Surprisingly, I wasn’t very impressed. Everything on their menu sounded super good and then I guess it just wasn’t executed correctly. The cheese was a good 8, but the marinara and the breading were about a 4, making the average about a 6/10. 8 more words


Recipe of the Month - Mozza Stuffed Meatballs

After catching several 30 second Tasty videos in my newsfeed on Facebook lately displaying mouth watering mozza stuffed meatballs and dreaming about making them, the plan was in motion. 350 more words