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Chicken Parmigan Pasta Bake

I recently bought some ground chicken breast on sale at HEB.  I have never cooked or made a recipe with ground chicken before, so I decided to do some research and look up some recipes.  175 more words


Baked Mozzarella Chicken Rolls Meal 6/100

Daniel LOVES chicken parmesan so with that in mind when I saw this recipe I knew I had to try it. Making the baked mozzarella chicken rolls takes a lot of work and time. 440 more words

100 Meals In 3 And A Half Months

Baked Ziti

This baked ziti recipe is darn good. I made it when we had company over & it’s great because it makes a LOT. There is plenty leftover for seconds or thirds….or fourths. 310 more words


Outstanding Sausage Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce!

Being 8 months pregnant, I’ve had constant cravings. Nothing weird or even odd combinations, but rather for specific foods. I went through a 2 week span of wanting lasagna. 418 more words



My mother was a kind and gentle soul. On Sunday afternoons she would happily look forward to the arrival of her daughters and grand-kids, greeting everyone at the door and after the initial “buon giorno” she would turn to her grand-kids and proclaim “mi sembra dimagrito”, you look like you’ve lost some weight. 532 more words

Authentic Italian


I just learned that salsa is sauce, not a dish. I was looking for a way to eat more rice and a bunch of veggies and mozzarella cheese resembling salsa was the good choice. 31 more words


Cold Smoking - Cheese and Nuts

For my birthday, I received an A Maze N Pellet cold smoke device to add to my arsenal of BBQ goodies.  The item itself is simply a square “maze” of perforated metal designed to have BBQ pellets slowly smolder and give off smoke, either to enhance the smoke of your regular BBQ, or to work as a source of cold smoke.  431 more words