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Jangan bosen ya kalo sering lihat seliweran aneka pizza dimari, bukan sok kebule bulean, bukan sok ala western, tapi karena tempe itu jauh belinyaaaa kakaaaaa :P *ketauan malesnya* .Walau begitu ga selalu juga lah tiap hari makan pizza, ya kan bosen juga, trus kakak dan ayah juga ga demen bekal pizza, mending roti *eaaaa roti lagi roti lagi*. 561 more words


Caprese Stuffed Crescents

Want something super easy and extremely tasty? Look no further than these yummy stuffed crescents.

It seems like pretty much anything and everything can be stuffed inside a crescent…and most of the time it tastes pretty good. 79 more words


Eggplant and Orzo Baked Pasta

The next few months feature a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables that are ripe and delicious and affordable like no other time of the year. 545 more words


Mozzarella Stuffed Mini Meatloaf

Such a fun and easy meatloaf recipe! Filled with bits of mozzarella in the middle and delicious! Tip- Ranch dressing can be used in place of ketchup. 129 more words


Mediterranean Farro Salad

Is this a recipe?  Probably not.  What this is is taking stock of your pantry and fridge, and figuring what you have on hand to make a meal.  244 more words


Focaccia with asparagus, rocket and mozzarella cheese

Traditional Italian flat bread, cooked with olive oil, asparagus and mozzarella cheese, served with fresh rocket.

Leftovers 3rd May

Yippee ki-yay! It’s Payday! Or it has been anyway… I have been thinking all week about the meals I want to cook that are a little more extravagant that the last couple weeks of the month will allow. 907 more words