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Carpaccio de roșii cu zmeură

O salată foarte light, dar foarte aromată, vă recomand să o mâncați simplă, alături de un pahar de vin rece! De vară, pentru seri liniștite :)

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Garlic-Buttered Melted Mozzarella Bread

The other night we had spaghetti (again!) What’s a better side to pasta than delicious Garlic-Buttered Melted Mozzarella Bread? Not much! A salad is always great but a warm out-of-the-oven piece of garlicky-cheesy bread that you can dip into the sauce is so much better! 189 more words


Cheesy Pizza Dip with Pepperoni

We were looking for a fun meal. On some nights during the summer we do movie nights, game nights or just let’s play nights where we go to a movie downtown near the fountain. 374 more words


Open-faced Grilled Eggplant and Burrata Toast

Because we spent exactly one week bopping about French cafes and chowing down in patisseries, I very badly wanted to call the following recipe “Eggplant Tartine” and get all fancy and French on you.   244 more words


Obica, Soho & Luxardo Cocktails, New Season Feast

It dawned on me the other day that I am an avid consumer of tomatoes. In our house they’re a salad staple (a certain someone even made a multi-coloured tomato-only salad the other day), I obsessively stockpile the tinned ones because you never know when you’ll need to rustle up the go-to pasta dish, and I’ve been known to squirt T-sauce on a lot of things. 650 more words

Eating Out

at dinner

At dinner tonight — homemade pizza with various toppings (including pesto from my garden basil, arugula — ditto — kale — ditto –cream, prosciutto, Sicilian sausage with fennel, buffalo mozzarella from Fairburn Farm water buffalo on Vancouver Island, grana padano) — and lots of beer and light white wine (because it’s so hot!), I thought, looking around the table, that the people I love best of all those I’ve ever known on earth were there (though it made me lonesome too for my brothers and parents). 178 more words

Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Tired of pesto pasta? Finding a different way to use your leftover pesto? This recipe might be the perfect one! This yummy grilled pesto chicken sandwich makes a great grab-and-go lunch or quick, simple yet elegant dinner. 399 more words