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Never Good Enough

Go for great

Being just good enough is never secure, is never impressive, and will never bring you fulfillment. Good enough is only part of what you are. 338 more words

Motivational Philosopher

1969 – Bernadette Devlin is elected MP for Mid Ulster, standing as the Independent Unity candidate; at 21 years old, she is Britain’s youngest ever female MP and the third youngest MP ever.

Bernadette Devlin was elected to Britain’s Parliament on the “Unity” ticket, as MP for the Mid-Ulster constituency. The election followed the death of Ulster Unionist Party Member of Parliament for Mid Ulster, George Forrest, and Devlin found she was running against Forrest’s widow on the Unionist ticket. 47 more words

Irish History

Decisions, decisions

I was caught unprepared by an actual parliamentary candidate knocking on the door this evening! Unfortunately I was about to bath the kraken so I didn’t have time to come up with any sensible questions. 207 more words

Life, The Universe, And Everything


If a pistol or shotgun isn’t for you, then next on the list is a rifle. Now most of my personal experience deals with two types of rifles related to their action: bolt, and semi-automatic. 177 more words


What Are You Reaching For

Cake or Crumbs

What is your aim? What are you focused on? Is it the petty things in life that annoy you that has your attention or are you taking advantage of the opportunity that is placed in front of you? 237 more words