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Home Builders Federation Vindicate Castle Point Council's Protection of its Green Belt!

Writing specifically about Castle Point Green Belt, the Home Builders Federation (HBF) representative has given both credence and support to Castle Point MP  Rebecca Harris, CPBC council leaders and the canvey island independent party, in their insistence that the Borough’s Green Belt need not be developed. 441 more words

New Local Plan


Starting off with this project by picking a significant object and bring it in to analyze and get feedback from other students. And by using 5 keywords for each category, we needed to create illustrations that represented those keywords. 212 more words


#झाबुआ की विशेषताओं को उभारने की होगी कोशिश-कलेक्टर सक्सेना


आईएएस आशीष सक्सेना ने आज शाम करीब 4 बजे कलेक्टर कार्यालय पहुंचकर झाबुआ कलेक्टर का  कार्यभार ग्रहण कर लिया है । झाबुआ पोस्ट से बातचीच में कलेक्टर ने ने कहा कि शासन की योजनाओं को लागू करना उनकी प्राथमिकता में शामिल रहेगा ।  कलेक्टर ने कहा कि झाबुआ संभावनाओं और विशेषताओं से भरा हुआ जिला है, उनकी कोशिश रहेगी यहां की विशेषताओं को उभार कर देश-प्रदेश का ध्यान इस ओर खींचा जाए ।

कलेक्टर कार्यालय पहुंचे आशीष सक्सेना का  जिला पंचायत सीईओ अनुराग चौधरी , एसडीएम अली, एसडीओपी एसआर परिहान, एसी ट्राइबल शकुंतला डामोर, पीआरओ अनुराधा गहरवाल ने स्वागत किया ।


Object Poster: Process and First impression

Our assignments was to describe our personal object through images, we started out by finding keywords to turn them into images later on. To be honest this assignment was one of the hardest because of how vague it is and how each person had a different thing to do because of the personal objects. 206 more words


M+P Progress in Definition

Progress for definition

I began working to brainstorm. I tried to almost not think at all. I tried to visualize everything. I began to write down the definitions or/and thesauruses of all the separate 20 words, and as I was writing these, I drew whatever image came to mind. 157 more words


M+P Feedback and Definition

Then we went through to get feedback on our work.

I understood at this stage that I had been misunderstanding what was happening. I was thinking that I had to find completely new images from the meaning keywords, but it didn’t really have to be. 193 more words


detail of my watercolor illustrations.

thank god i went through a watercolor phase last year haha..