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7 things you can do with your old phone

Make A Digital Photo Frame

The best way to utilize your old smartphone by turning it to a digital photo frame.You just need to get an smartphone or tablet holder and plug it to power supply. 438 more words


Tips to Choose the Best MP3 Player for Audiobooks

For audiobook lovers, a good MP3 player could be so important since it will produce great listening experience for the listeners. Thus, it’s more important to choose a good MP3 player in advance. 475 more words


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Imagine the feeling of putting your comfortable Mp3 Player on for a morning stroll or going out in the garden listening to your music and totally immersed in the moment, without tangled and sweaty earbuds. 117 more words

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Baby Boomer Embraces Digital Age

Shamed by my kids who accuse me of being anti-technological and thus aging rapidly before their very eyes, I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the world of 21st century digital music. 1,123 more words

Weekend sewing: portable cable pouch

Last weekend I wanted to sew something different. It was not because sewing dresses bored me. No. I just needed to escape from this feeling of missing someone very much :( . 174 more words