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My favourite music

I really like music. Some of the bands I like are Buddy McMaster and the Other Fellas. 307 more words


Weird, Good, The Good Weird, and the mix for 10-21-16

A certain dissatisfaction is upon me today. I slept poorly last night, as I do more nights than not. My back is sore again today and my stomach a bit sour. 335 more words


10/21/16: Carey Ott, Daniel Caesar, Creative Control, CRX

@@@ Cary Ott: Nocona (Self-released, 2016). Regular readers know that I regularly dole out tongue lashings to Wilco — it’s just so slack I want to lay down and die. 484 more words


Is Music Isolating Us?

I feel that personal music players distance us from others. There is a meme trending on the internet that says, “If I have my headphones in don’t talk to me.” Personal music players like iPods, mp3’s and smartphones have made people more anti-social.  107 more words

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