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Strategy Presentation: SoundCloud

One of my assignments from the week was to team up with two other people and pitch a strategy for SoundCloud to appeal to young urban teens. 29 more words

Ad School


AH the beauty of fucking pure gold mellow shit, fuck yes!! This is the smooth jazz ride I’ve been looking to take for a few fucking years now, finally this shit is being made again but fucking insane producers, when the gentle breeze of the classical guitar whofts above the sparkling chimes you will fucking lose your shit. 16 more words


Magnet Magazine premieres Tomten's single "Cloud Man Calling" for stream/download

MAGNET Magazine has the first listen of Tomten‘s new track “Cloud Man Calling”: “it’s a gentle and effervescent tune that’s sure to get you on the hook for the album’s July 7 release.” 104 more words


Cassette's and MP3's

When people think about albums, they usually think about a product like Vinyl or Compact Disc. These days, it’s more access and less product, so the album viewpoint for my children is totally different with my viewpoint. 344 more words


MP3 is not dead, it's just free

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

MP3 is not dead, it’s just free

There’s quite a bit of confusion around this whole MP3 matter, so let’s put it to rest here. 408 more words


Neil Young is launching a high-fidelity streaming service called Xstream

In 2014, Neil Young launched his own digital music service called PONO, which offered enhanced quality, high-resolution audio instead of compressed MP3s. The company released a line of portable players, a music-download service and a digital-to-analog conversion technology. 298 more words