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SONG PREMIERE: Frogbelly and Symphony premiere 2nd single "Minderbinder"

Groundsounds premieres NYC/UK 4-piece Frogbelly and Symphony‘s second single “Minderbinder” from their debut full-length Blue Bright Ow Sleep, an ode to the character from Joseph Heller’s… 31 more words


Starbucks to halt CD sales in Canada next month

Has anyone broken the news to Michael Bublé? The Canadian singer’s To Be Loved album is about to be yanked from Starbucks locations across the country. 352 more words


In Defence of the MP3

Apple have discontinued the iPod Classic. Therefore, the age of the MP3 is over.

Who’d have thought that the MP3 – that piddly little file format that was once thought to have the potential to destroy all music – would ever be in need of defending? 1,862 more words


SONG PREMIERE: Side One Track One premieres Pollen's single "Supply Chain"

Side One Track One is premiering Pollen‘s new single “Supply Chain,” which he calls “an all-around infectious effort.” Buyer’s EP is out on cassette and digital formats on March 10th.


Comic Pop Library reviews Frogbelly and Symphony's single "Patch of Blue"

Thanks to ComicPop Library for reviewing Frogbelly and Symphony‘s single “Patch of Blue,” from their debut album Blue Bright Ow Sleep, out on CD, vinyl and digital formats on March 24th on Labelship UK.


Undr Rvision

He was my grandfather and
my grandson in the same moment,
and the wind swept across
the outline of his face, the oils
in his skin were buzzing, he would say that… 27 more words

Faronheit shares Frogbelly and Symphony single "Patch of Blue"

Faronheit shares Frogbelly and Symphony‘s first single “Patch of Blue” from their forthcoming debut full-length Blue Bright Ow Sleep, out on CD, vinyl and download on Labelship UK on March 24th.