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[Music] El Arca de Valjós - La Pálida Alma Humana

I love Mexican progressive rock, especially when it’s avant-progressive. Many great bands came down the beltway from Mexico, especially from the capital. El Arca de Valjós… 14 more words


[Music] Various Artists - Zanzibara / Volume Nº1

This is a mindblowing compilation of Tanzanian music when the country was not yet united (Zanzibar and Tanganyika were apart just before they came together in 1964). 44 more words


[Music] Tom Waits - Small Change (Remastered)

Today is a very happy day! It loooks like Tom Waits’ seminal albums, including Small Change, my favorite of this batch, have been remastered for Bandcamp!


[Music] The Myrrors - Arena Negra

I’m not sure about the other bands in Tuscon, Arizona, but local lads The Myrrors are swimming in a sea of sludge and LSD. This is slow, plodding, and very, very effecting stoner rock.


[Music] Jean-Bernard Raiteux - Les Demons

Sleazy cheese from Jean-Bernard Raiteux, courtesy of Finders Keepers Records. From the press release:

The unreleased Euro pysch score to the French/Portuguese X-rated version of The Devils meets The Witchfinder General!

447 more words

[Music] Ghost Bike - Nothing Charms

I don’t know what’s going on in Jerusalem these days, but it seems there’s quite a goth/darkwave/witch-punk scene brewing over there.

Thanks kindly to Tamar Singer… 34 more words


[Music] Rebekah Heller - Metafagote

Metafagote is Rebekah Heller’s second release for the New York City-based record label New Focus Recordings.  The bassoon is one of the most difficult instruments to not only play but to compose for. 10 more words