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Episode 5: Inner Worlds

Once again it’s Deej! Trin and I are the co-hosts of this episode. 

This episode is all about inner worlds which are the internal visualization of a landscape in which alters live together. 341 more words

It Can Wait

I’m eating birthday cake for breakfast. My babe braved the store to get me one, even though i told him not to bother. It’s triple layer, with chocolate and vanilla cake, mocha frosting and that cherry jam stuff between the layers, dark and white chocolate ganache, plus blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, AND some mocha chocolate leaves… So decadent. 1,155 more words

Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into a Cheap Low Power Network Accessed Mopidy Music Player With Multi Device Control (Android, iOS, Web Browser) Over Your Home Network

By Michael Edwards – published March 2020

This tutorial explains how to set up a Raspberry Pi (a tiny low power computer) as a networked music player using… 2,181 more words


Language Learning by Spectra|blendy

Hey you lovely systems/houses, and singlet folks. This post isn’t going to be the standard answering-a-question post, but more of one to give all you readers a bit of insight into what our life looks like. 1,613 more words


Yep, I'm plural.

I have been struggling for months to write something, anything. I used to write every day for hours on end. Now I can’t even get myself to sit down and write a blog post. 1,152 more words

Harvey appointed to Monroe City Council by unanimous vote

This article was published by The Ouachita Citizen on Jan. 29, 2020.

Monroe City Councilman-elect Doug Harvey will complete state Rep. Michael Echols’ unexpired term representing District 1 on the council thanks to a unanimous vote Tuesday. 674 more words

Published Work


WARNING: References to suicidal thoughts.


Love and boundaries. FML.

I was raised to have none.
All the better to enslave you, traffic you, and just generally abuse you, my dear. 1,929 more words