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Manic Pixie Dream Girls

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I'm falling in love with Olivia Gatwood

…and I can’t help but tell the world. Olivia Gatwood is a slam poet who weaves gender equality, women’s issues and everyday life in a strong commanding tone. 116 more words

Eternal Sunshine

For the Spotless Mind…

A review.

Like most kids who could be considered part of the “indie” culture I’ve heard of this film but yet never seen it. 965 more words


depressed manic pixie dream girl.

manic pixie dream girls don’t pass the bechdel test*,
manic pixie dream girls have nothing going for them other than their unwavering happiness,
manic pixie dream girls are nothing if they aren’t optimistic, 326 more words


Stop Being Quirky

I was walking my dog Max a little while ago, because he’s a good boy when he’s not eating everything in sight. I got to a crosswalk, and as I waited for the light to change I saw a girl walking down the street, dressed in that “retro ‘90s” style.You know what I’m talking about: mid-level socks with frilly tops, tennis shoes from some weird-ass, extinct brand like Avia or Etonic, purple nylon windbreaker with an elastic bottom that makes that… 779 more words