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Shows I Stopped Watching: Mr. Robot

Today’s Reject: Mr. Robot

Why did we start watching: Mr. Max and I both work in the technology sector, so people have recommended this show to us like, a hundred times. 268 more words

Reviews Of Things

Algorithm Alley | Dr Dobb's

The Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) is a crucial part of modern image and sound compression. Tim discusses several fast algorithms for computing the 8-point DCT and IDCT. 6 more words


Week 8 - Compression

As video is more and more used as a way of showcasing in the digital world, it is important to understand a crucial practice related to videos, which is compression. 207 more words


Lessons from the land of Codec (updated)

This post accounts for my efforts with sound compression as of late. …It gets a little technical… just a little.  But a Long Read, nonetheless.  (Also, keep in mind that my advice is not professional; follow it at your own risk.) 2,197 more words