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MPM1D Course Review 2018-01-19

We’re going to use some “release” materials from EQAO to do some course review today. Here’s today’s stuff:

Question Booklet (2017)

Answer Booklet (2017)

AFTER you’ve tried everything, here are the correct answers for the multiple choice questions:  28 more words


MPM1D Geometry Terms 2018-01-11

We spent the class today refreshing our memories about geometry terms and learning some new ones. Here’s the little booklet we used to organize our work: 43 more words


MPM1D Test tomorrow 2018-01-09

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is your test for Measurement (perimeter, area, surface area, volume).

The Skills Summary Booklet:

Skills Summary – Measurement

Skills Summary – Measurement (booklet)


MPM1D Composite 3D Figures 2017-12-21

We learned about how to combine shapes and find their surface areas and volumes. Here’s the homework:


MPM1D Volume and Surface Area Practice 2017-12-20

These aren’t great photos, but here are the shapes you’re finding the volume and surface area of…


MPM1D Surface Area homework 2017-12-15

We learned about the surface area of prisms. We’re working on cones, pyramids, and spheres on Monday. Here’s your homework… find the surface area of each figure: