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Dynamics 365 for Operations - MPOS randomly switching from online mode to offline

In my recent Dynamics 365 for Operations implementation on 7.1, we encountered an issue with MPOS switching to offline randomly . MPOS as we know switches to offline either when triggered manually or when the switch is seamless (automatically) when there is any issue in the communication between MPOS and D365 Retail Server, an example is a network interruption (for more information on the overall Retail Topology do refer this linkĀ  150 more words

Dynamics 365 For Operations - Retail

MPOS AAD changes - The reply address does not match the reply addresses configured for the application

If you are on Dynamics 365 for Operations 7.1 and planning to uptake the latest set of binary hotfixes, expect to see the above error when trying to activate MPOS. 87 more words

Dynamics 365 For Operations - Retail

Problem uninstalling MPOS or any other application

Sometimes I have experienced an error when trying to uninstall MPOS or any other program for that matter.

Corrupted registry keys are one of the reasons for such an error. 185 more words

Dynamics 365 For Operations - Retail

Uninstall MPOS - "Mordern POS exists for other users on this computer"

While testing MPOS changes I had to do an uninstall on my laptop. But every time I tried to uninstall it told me that there was an error and it couldn’t complete the uninstall and that I should contact the administrator. 145 more words


[AX 2012 R3 / Dynamics 365 for Operations -Retail]: Viewing events from MPOS in Event Viewer

This post is based on a conversation in Dynamics AX Community (link attached later in the post)

Events from the MPOS in AX 2012 R3… 129 more words

Dynamics 365 For Operations - Retail

A simple customization in MPOS (Blank Operation) with Dynamics 365 for Operations

Note – This article is applicable upto Dynamics 365 for Operations- 7.1 i.e. not applicable to 7.2 and above

Hi All,

I recently had to add a Blank Operation to Modern POS (MPOS) to open a url from MPOS. 568 more words

Dynamics 365 For Operations - Retail