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Longbourn - Jo Baker


A teatro. Sul palco c’è la famiglia riunita nel salotto buono ed entra il servitore con una missiva che consegna su un piattino d’argento alla signora. 2,507 more words


Wait ... What? (Part 4)

So everything we knew (or thought we knew) … yeah, not so much. Darcy rides in with his disastrous proposal and pretty-dang-impressive letter to clear up a few faulty assumptions — making life SUPER uncomfortable for Lizzie, and SUPER interesting for us. 1,377 more words


If You Have Nothing Nice to Say ... You're Probably Lady Catherine (Part 3)


Lady Catherine is on the hunt for a husband (for her daughter … though the way she’s behaving, you might wonder), and our dear Lizzy finds herself squarely in the old snoot’s crosshairs. 1,383 more words


Renaming Mr. Bingley

Nope. I was not “very polite” nor “clear about the fact that I want no role in this whatsoever”. Of course I wasn’t. No, instead I chose to confront him on the next night out, dressed in an elf outfit. 456 more words


Letters from the Heart- Excerpt and Giveaway

Well, November just flew by between editing Letters from the Heart and participating in National Novel Writing Month, throw in some car repairs, kids checks ups, allergic reaction/skin infection, surprise moving and I think I could sleep for the next month straight! 1,194 more words

Elizabeth Bennet