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Mr. Bones

While in Tombstone we stopped to watch the rhythmic moves of one Mr. Bones, a street performer in Tombstone. While my girls were to shy to partake in the dance; my son Oliver took up the tambourine and joined right in.

Episode 118: The Small Faces


Hey everybody! Due to some scheduling conflicts, we decided to take a small break last week and this week (sorta!) to get our bearings again. 62 more words

Faces On The Radio


I got Mr.Bones years back when I was younger thinking it would be something I want to play back then. (Yes, another Sega Saturn game.) This was before I was super into video games and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on things to keep my time occupied. 257 more words


Kiehl’s Mr. Bones

Lexinton Ave, Manhattan, New York, NY

December 9, 2011


An Afternoon with Kiehl’s: Finding the perfect skincare routine

My skincare routine doesn’t go much past cleansing and moisturizing, something I’m sure most people would relate to. I’ve always had two main problems with doing anything beyond that: 347 more words


Crossing Paths with Paul Theroux in Malawi

I’ve always felt a strong connection Paul Theroux, due largely to our shared legacy as Peace Corps Volunteers in Malawi. When I expressed reluctance about taking an assignment teaching English there in the 90s, the recruiter suggested I read My Secret History, part of which was inspired by Theroux’s experience as an English teacher in Malawi in the 60s. 470 more words

Mr. Bones

These bones
is knit with
blood offerings,
throat slit pig
hung one long night
over the slow fire.

These bones
is bound by
food for crows, 28 more words

Toulouse Street