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Definitive proof that Mr. Brightside is the song of our generation

Led Zepplin’s “Stairway to Heaven” was a monumental ode to rock music that set up the template for the genre. Since the 1971 release of the song, nothing really came close to encapsulating an entire generation of rock music. 510 more words


All the yous you use

We all have different personas based on who we’re with. The occasional time when you’re out with one friend and then see another and your behaviour visibly changes; then suddenly the existential questions come flooding in: 495 more words

Creative Non-Fiction

Top 10 The Killers Music Videos

Number 10: Spaceman (Day & Age, 2008)

The Killers are not unfamiliar with working with colorful characters in their music videos, but the setting and costumes of this one mixed with the upbeat music, create an – out of this world – video that definitely makes a statement. 945 more words


Mushroom Cloud

He stood in the center of the room. The room was tacky, an attempt at recreating a Victorian or 1800s French hall, but comes across as being the result of someone seeing… 4,539 more words

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Friday Morning Flashback!!!

Alright, so they’ve given me a lot of leweigh? leway? lewey? However the hell you spell it. I mean the head honcho of Midwest Millennials has pretty much given me free reign on what I should post in regards to the latest in entertainment. 539 more words


30 Day Music Challenge Day 22: Mr. Brightside (The Killers)

In an effort to drum up some posting after leaving this blog essentially dormant for, well, too long… here’s me taking the 30 Day Music Challenge. 143 more words

30 Days Of Music

The Killers 'Don't Waste Your Wishes'- Review

A curious glance at the charts this week informed me that ‘Mr Brightside’ was back in the top 100 – or more likely it never left. 777 more words

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