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Watch This Pub Burst into an Epic Sing-A-Long of "Mr. Brightside" to Honor Their Late Friend

A true celebration of life, friends of an Irish farmer (who passed away at 45 years old from cystic fibrosis) gathered together at his wake to pay tribute in the most awesome way possible: an epic sing-a-long. 73 more words


Mr. Brightside: How the NL West Would Need to Falter

Continuing our short series on what it will take for the Padres to make the playoffs, I’ll take a look at how the Padres’ competitors in the NL West could falter.  778 more words

Saturday Songsters - The Killers

It’s  Saturday and so time for another of my Saturday Songsters posts. This week’s track is ‘Mr Brightside’ by The Killers.

The Killers are an American rock band formed in Las Vegas in the early 2000s who quickly rose to fame with their ’80s style synth-pop. 446 more words

Saturday Songsters

Mr. Brightside

The most popular sing-along song on the America Night playlist at Onder de Linden, Well, Limburg, The Netherlands

Kasteel Well

My Dad, the Hipster.

I have always considered myself to be a pretty non-mainstream person when it comes to music. This is something that I attribute to my father. From the age of 8, I was listening to the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, MGMT and many more everyday on the car-ride to school. 353 more words

Mr. Brightside

I would just like to put this out there: shit happens.

It really does, and it really sucks. Believe me when I say that sometimes, so much shit happens in your life that you might as well be a toilet. 732 more words


Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

No, this one isn’t cooler than being cool ’cause this one is about jealousy, it’s such a common feeling which directly makes it a common word and as a consequence over the years has been the name of a handful different numbers. 431 more words