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Brandon Flowers LIVE @ O2 Academy, Brixton 21.5.15

Last night, I took my Mum (aka Brandon Flowers’ biggest fan) to see said gentleman perform at Brixton Academy. She fulfilled her life goal of hearing ‘Mr Brightside’ live, and I nearly lost my mind with glee when he announced his special guest: … 15 more words


Earworm 13 May 15: 'Mr Brightside' by The Killers

I was listening to The Killers in the car today, so no surprise that it is one of their songs that wormed its way into my ears today! 24 more words


The Killers

Estuvimos hablando de bandas nacionales como La Beriso y No Te Va Gustar, pero….. ¿Qué onda con las bandas de habla inglesa? En esta entrada te mostramos un poco acerca de The Killers una banda estadounidense. 330 more words

I'm Art Brightside

Ah, here we are again with some old work–this time, a painfully low-res wallpaper. (Eh, on second thought, it looks fine.) In case you don’t recognize the text here, it comes from the hit “Mr. 118 more words

Brandon Flowers

Asian Stripping and Oedipal Complex

“My stripper name is Wanton. Get it? Because I’m Asian?”

“Bro, your mom is so hot. If I were you, I never would have stopped breast feeding.” 10 more words

Mr. Brightside

10 o'clock list: Rejected WKCO Shows

Yeah, I went to one WKCO meeting. They’ve got a cool vibe, but apparently my ideas were a little too avant garde. Off the wall. Whatever man, I don’t care what the kids are listening to nowadays, I’ve got a  294 more words



My walk started as an internal dance. The grin turned into a smile as my ears buzzed to a remix of Mr. Brightside. Particularly the part when he sang: 412 more words