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Asian Stripping and Oedipal Complex

“My stripper name is Wanton. Get it? Because I’m Asian?”

“Bro, your mom is so hot. If I were you, I never would have stopped breast feeding.” 10 more words

Mr. Brightside

10 o'clock list: Rejected WKCO Shows

Yeah, I went to one WKCO meeting. They’ve got a cool vibe, but apparently my ideas were a little too avant garde. Off the wall. Whatever man, I don’t care what the kids are listening to nowadays, I’ve got a  294 more words



My walk started as an internal dance. The grin turned into a smile as my ears buzzed to a remix of Mr. Brightside. Particularly the part when he sang: 412 more words

Everyone Should Dance and Why you Should Learn to Surf

So the first week of class and my first weekend trip are over. It was exhausting and all the same, I am in love with everything. 806 more words

Costa Rica

If You Know It's Annoying, Why Do You Do It?

I love people who sing everything in a chorale or operatic voice. My favorite is when they sing things like Young MC’s “Bust a Move” that way. 87 more words

Sip And Paint Studio

What I'm Listening to... Tom Prior

WOW OH WOW as soon as I heard Tom Prior’s new EP ‘Bad Advice’ I was mesmerised. Literally blown away.

‘All Dressed Up’ sounds like it could have fallen off the back of the Arctic Monkeys most recent album… snarling guitars, growling bass and that Alex Turner ‘give-a-fuck’ sensibility in the lyrics. 178 more words


it's all in my head

Jealousy, turning saints into the sea
Swimming through sick lullabies
Choking on your alibis

But it’s just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me… 10 more words