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What has Mr Obama done, courtesy of Mr Cameron?

Hello Everyone

America should have taken the moral high ground and refused to get involved in our politics. However, Mr Obama had a direct appeal apparently, from… 277 more words

Boris Johnson Makes His Move

Everyone knew that sooner or later, the Lord Mayor of London, Mr. Boris Johnson, would challenge Mr. Cameron for leadership of the Tories. And now, finally Boris has his chance. 260 more words


A Penny for Pat’s Thoughts: The MIAA - The No Fun League

For any sport, most people would agree that a playoff is the best way  to crown a champion, whether it be the NFL or college sports holding a tournament. 427 more words


He ain't my brother, he's a scrounger.......

I came across a quote from one of the early Christian writers called Basil (one of the so-called “Cappadocian fathers” and a champion of the Nicene settlement) yesterday, it struck me as being as potent and necessary today as it was when first said. 748 more words

Political Rantings

Mr Cameron 0 Reynard 1

What a result! The government were about to relax the laws on fox hunting when the Scottish National Party decided to back the opposition and support keeping the law as it is! 88 more words