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I Love Austen Week Tag + #VintageJaneAusten Project

I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest Jane Austen fan in the world (being more of a fantasy person) but I do enjoy her books and characters rather a lot when I do read them! 1,071 more words


Unpopular Opinion: Why Mr. Darcy Sucks

“You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

-Mr. Darcy, prompting eyerolls for eternity

What I’m drinking: Miller Lite, which would be scorned by certain pompous men. 350 more words

Jane Austen and Love

Oh, Jane Austen…think of her and what first comes to mind? Maybe Elizabeth Bennet—stifling English society—old, boring classics—love—and, without fail, Mr. Darcy. Because, of course, Miss Austen certainly was the progenitor of all romantic love. 448 more words

Do I like adaptations of books? I can't decide.

I caught myself doing something very out of character last week – excitably and irritably anticipating the TV adaptation of Robert Galbraith’s The Cuckoo’s Calling. 908 more words


A Bookish Valentine

I’m not really interested in Valentine’s Day. However, it is a time of year which brings out a lot of mush on the internet, particularly mush that draws on books. 797 more words


Valentine's Day Book Tag

Hi all, long time no tag! I was racking my brain for Valentine’s day blog ideas, and I came up blank. I was browsing blogs, and I saw this tag on… 363 more words


Being Collins is worse than being the Frog Prince?

You bet it is, according to Mr. Darcy.

And he should know, because of his body swap experience in Darcy By Any Other Name.

(Thanks to yours truly …) 278 more words

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