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Twenty years of Darcy's wet shirt

Believe it or not, Pride and Prejudice, the BBC television series that introduced us to the charms of Colin Firth, first hit TV screens 20 years ago. 566 more words


7 reasons why Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice is an introvert

Spoilers ahead for those who hadn’t heard of/read/saw at least one of Jane Austen’s work, specifically Pride and Prejudice.

I know there’s a big fat chance that someone already wrote something on this subject, but still..

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Emma: A Little Miss Austen Book

Dear Readers, my apologies for abandoning my blog for so long. I now know why Jane Austen was silent for so long in Bath after she moved there and lost her dear father. 239 more words

Jane Austen's World

Day 20: Pride and Self-Publication

It’s easy to forget how quickly the stigma of self-publishing has vanished. At the turn of the century–this century!–self-publishing was the domain of the vanity press and a few hardy souls willing to take the risk. 382 more words

Laura Hile

Monday Muse: On Mr. Darcy

Hello all and welcome to this week’s edition of the Monday Muse. It is I, C, which, as we have been taught, is for cookie. I would like a cookie. 2,459 more words

Pride and Prejudice Twenty Years

“It is 20 years since Mr Darcy strode sodden from the lake in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Television – and Jane Austen – have never been the same…” Nicolas Barber, the BBC, on 22 September. 411 more words

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You have how many copies of Pride & Prejudice?

I *LOVE* Pride and Prejudice.  I love most Jane Austen books (not Sense & Sensibility- I just… can’t).  In close second is Persuasion.  The reason P&P comes first is because it was my first.   727 more words

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