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Fangirling over Pride and Prejudice

WARNING: obsessive silliness ahead. This blog post is not serious in the slightest.

So Pride and Prejudice. Well-written with beautiful language and interesting take on the social issues for women of that time period. 317 more words


The Case of the Missing Water

For quite some time I have had suspicions that someone has been stealing my water supply. I have discussed this at length with my human but she seem oblivious to my worries.   250 more words

Mr Darcy

Old But Gold (Books #2: Pride and Prejudice)

The title of the book says it all. Pride and Prejudice is a story about a bunch of arrogant, proud, racist people who misread everything about each other but eventually learn the truth and find out they are actually quite awesome, and so fall in love and marry. 314 more words

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Mr Darcy's Bucket List

I have composed a list of aspirations of which I, with all vigor and resolve, will endeavor to achieve by the end of this month. 135 more words

Mr Darcy

What not to do on a first date:

Let me just tell you about the last date I went on.

Are you ready for this ride? Really. Get prepared.

His name is Chris. I thought about changing his name for this, but no. 894 more words

Ermahgerd Mershed Perderders (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies review)

Mashups can be fun, if you take the right mix of levity and appreciation for each facet, then you can make it work in your favour. 734 more words