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Because Sometimes You Need To Watch The Mr. Ed Theme Song

Because sometimes you need to watch the Mr. Ed theme song:

Granted, now is probably not one of those times. Later probably isn’t either. Still, sometime. Gotta be sometime, right?

Riding: Grand Prix Day

The day begins early, shortly after 5:30 am. The horses are beginning to wake and stir in their stalls. Soon, it will begin like every other day. 787 more words


A Lamp is a Horse, Of Course, Of Course ....

While on a bicycle ride in Williamstown a couple of weeks ago, I encountered this sight in a house overlooking Hobson’s Bay….

And to prove I wasn’t hallucinating, here’s a link ( 89 more words


Six Indian Horses: Palominos

Six Indian Horses: Palominos

  1. The beautiful Palomino has a golden coat with a white mane and tail.
  2. They are not a genetic breed.  The term…
  3. 40 more words

Einstein's Last Thought Experiment

Well it’s been more than two months since my last column and for lack of a better excuse, I’m blaming it mostly on the fact that things have been stressful at work lately and I don’t have a Therapy Dog.  1,174 more words

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