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PIM Assessment 3 Sketch 28

As I was rushing to a gym class I noticed these police men on horses. I found this unusual so I got out my phone and stopped in the middle of the cross walk to capture it. 197 more words


The ad hominem world of Mr Ed

In an ironically brief but tellingly hilarious exchange over at the chookwatchers‘ Hillsong-slamming site, a certain ‘Ed’ lends his expertise in unchristian sledging to a discourse which begins with a quote by Brian Houston, from blogger ‘Newtaste’, on why… 1,011 more words


In the Alternative Universe

Aging baby boomers keep telling the grandkids how strange the sixties were, even if they don’t want to hear it. But the sixties were strange, and it was more than the sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll and the revolution – all the civil rights stuff and the uprising against the Vietnam War and the communes and everyone who was cool getting into Eastern religions. 3,603 more words

Donald Trump

American Cleopatra

It came as a shock to horse racing fans everywhere on Monday when the news broke. After a stunning Triple Crown triumph, the first in 37 years, the prized horse “American Pharoah” announced to a sea of microphones, flashbulbs and frantic reporters that he was really a mare trapped in a steed’s body. 975 more words


Dodgers Turn to a Horse For Offensive Help

As many of you know by now, earlier today The Blue we’re not only swept up north by the hated ones, but not a single run scored during the entire 3 games. 306 more words

Sandy Koufax Meet Mr. Ed

On Saturday the 16th, the Dodgers will be honoring the 1965 World Champion team  prior to their game against the Colorado Rockies. Among those who will be present is of course Sandy Koufax. 79 more words

Bidding War Erupts As Horse That Bucked Tracy Grimshaw Signs With Max Markson

Celebrity agent Max Markson, whose client list reads like a who’s who of fifteen-minutes-of-famers, has just signed exclusive representation rights for the horse who bucked Channel 9 host Tracy Grimshaw, adding him to his illustrious stable (pun intended). 185 more words

The UnAustralian