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Mr. Ed

One of the things in life I value most are my friends. Good friends make life so much better. Mr. Ed, as everyone at Siding Associates called him, was a great friend. 375 more words


Six Indian Horses: Palominos

Six Indian Horses: Palominos

  1. The beautiful Palomino has a golden coat with a white mane and tail.
  2. They are not a genetic breed.  The term…
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Hardy horses

Icelandic horses

New friends 

A smooth criminal

...through The Lens

Of Course, Of Course...

I refuse to fall victim to clickbait but I am DYING to know why there’s a picture of Mr. Ed and Wilbur Post next to a headline proclaiming “The Surprising Thing That Makes Men More Attractive To Women.” 19 more words


Riding The Southland

A short turnaround, it was a few days at home to recoup and prepare for the next segment of the riding schedule.

Deborah and Comet working a practice course with… 57 more words


Part Three: More Mustard to Wilde on tour!

Mustard Duo (aka Dave’n’Ed),
Dave Barker (vocals/bass) and Ed Furst (vocals/gtr).
Dave had always tried to play rhythm guitar, and even began to move on from Open E tuning, but I had always felt he would do better on bass. 436 more words