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An Ever-So-Sweet Candy Story About The Hershey Company

(NOTE: This post was originally featured in my blog in October of 2014; It is being represented here with a few changes.)

Everybody loves a good candy bar, and it is so true; A chocolate bar after a long meal is something of a treat, and since we’re on the subject of treats, here is a story of a company whose wonderful candies have always been a part of our lives for so many years, beginning in 1894… 396 more words

Company Histories

Big Words Video 8.5: 'Deconstruction'

Before we shot the Bonus Clip as a companion for the show episode, Jameel and I talked about the evolution of a joke in relation to doing standup; where it starts, how it opens on stage and where it ends up. 115 more words


Body Language

Married life can be challenging – but dating life can be just as tricky.

I recognize this evening as a non-starter before I even order my Sauvignon Blanc. 312 more words


Episode 21: Milk is Dangerous


Robin is sitting, eating mini Mr. Goodbars. She has discarded all of the wrappers and is creating a large ball out of them. Brian bow-leggedly walks over to her, takes a goodbar, pops it in his mouth. 21 more words

The Top Ten Things We Really Do NOT Need in Our Lives

by Joe Buonfiglio

WARNING: This week’s post is long… outrageously long… so incredibly fucking long, you better put the kettle on, slip into your comfiest PJs, and if you have any sense of self-preservation, make sure you take a piss before you start reading.  2,433 more words

Joe Buonfiglio

Vote for you, always.

When I was in high school, I campaigned for Class President under the argument, “If you want a Good Man, vote for Goodman.” Accompanied by Mr. 360 more words