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Mr. Hubby is more Malaysianized than I thought!

Last week, I shared some phrases Mr. Hubby uses all the time in Malaysia. You can click here to read the post. Even though we’re in Bulgaria now, he still uses these phrases frequently. 1,080 more words


Phrases that Mr. Hubby uses all the time in Malaysia!

Languages are just so fascinating. If you know or speak more than one language, I’m sure at some point of the time, you are tempted to mix different languages in one sentence. 994 more words

Life With Mr. Hubby

Welcome to the family!

I’m going to use code names, because that makes me feel famous enough that I need to protect the privacy of myself and my loved ones. 293 more words


thaipusam hols!

Dear Massey’s Readers,


enjoy the traffic that you get for those of you living nearby Batu Caves!! hahaha (**pity u guys)


coz we only get 1 day hols…so there arent much to do…. 162 more words


christmas breakfast!

Dear massey’s readers,

which one of these burgers would u eat?

the top one?

or the (ugly slug-ish …haha) bottom one??



….. 47 more words


cuti - cuti melaka~


Dear Massey readers,

today we had 2 weddings!

1- my SGB’s fren -MANOT

2- safwan’s UTP coursemate – AMIRA.


but……………before all dat happens….

i shuld tell u something first….. 348 more words


bday pressie for hubby.

Dear Massey’s reader,

for dearest hubby’s bday i’ve always cooked sumthin special….like in 2009…i cooked the special “nasi ayam” for his 23rd bday….

so dis year i was thinkin of just eatin out for “ikan bakar” since we will be in melaka during his bday….. 82 more words