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Mr Kipling

My cat ‘Mr Kipling’ and I

You’re fluffy and furry

Full of delight

You purr and meow with all your might

Cat treats like Dreamies…

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London and back

So I made it to London and back and… I’m very glad I went.  At first I had had reservations: being single at a wedding is not much fun and that’s before I factor in the potential risks of airports, railway stations and being shot through the air in a metal tube.  990 more words

Living In Germany

Unexpected treats!

Hey folks, I wanted to share a meal we had the other night, because it included two key ingredients which I thought I would never be able to have again (unless I made them from scratch by myself): 130 more words


Premier Foods is set to up its marketing spend from £25m to £36m across its entire portfolio of brands after seeing success for hero brands, which benefited from healthy marketing investment. 324 more words


Mr Kipling Salted Caramel Whirls

Delicious shortcake swirls filled with salted caramel flavour buttercream

This evenings review comes to you courtesy of Mr.1 Treat.. Kind of. The furthest he gets with computers are YouTube videos and FIFA so the thoughts and opinions are his – I’ve just typed them up. 235 more words


Mr Kipling Cocktail Fancies

I’ve said before I don’t really like cakes, I’d normally walk straight past these Mr Kipling Fancies but a Daiquiri is my absolute favourite cocktail so I had to try the Cocktail fancies. 478 more words


Mr Kipling Milkshake Cakes

I’m not a great lover of cake I have to be honest, we always have cakes in the house for my fiancée but they’re usually from the bakery with lots of fresh cream – not for me. 514 more words