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#11 and #12 'Homemade' Afternoon Tea

Posh afternoon tea at expensive local hotel has been postponed, as a small person who lives with me has The Pox. Luckily, it’s of the chicken, not the small variety, and although he’s spotty enough to scare off other diners, he’s actually still pretty happy. 182 more words


Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas! Miss Pickle and I have been getting very excited and sniffing the presents which are under the light tree. Yes, we haven’t got a green one like normal people, we’ve got a sticky brown one with lights on it. 371 more words


Battle of the Stollen

What’s going on? You wait ages for a Head To Head review and two come along at once! The second category is a festive favourite of mine, Stollen. 932 more words


Battle Of The Mince Pies Part 1

It’s the return of the Head To Head today and as it is December it’d be criminal not to do mince pies!

There aren’t any rules, standard or luxury doesn’t really matter, but preferably not deep filled – just so there’s a fairer base line for the amount of filling. 1,542 more words


Vegan snacksĀ 

When I went shopping today I bought some accidentally vegan snacks. I wanted to share this with you guys so that people who are vegan or people who are interested in veganism would know that they can get these snacks. 20 more words


Mr Kipling 6 Deep Filled Mince Pies

Apologies for the absence of a review. I had the great pleasure of being best man at my cousin John’s wedding. It was a brilliant day, watching two close friends get married. 341 more words

Mr Kipling

My cat ‘Mr Kipling’ and I

You’re fluffy and furry

Full of delight

You purr and meow with all your might

Cat treats like Dreamies…

21 more words