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Life is better with cake..& Mr Kiplings..& Friends

Lick your lips… break out the Cherry Bakewells..today is about CAKE.

I sometimes will review and talk about other things than crafting..however…today ( thanks to the lipsmackingly gorgeous Mr Kipling cakes) I can talk about cake..and craft too! 506 more words

Life IS better with Cake!

I love cake.

If I were to write facts about me, near the top and quite possibly the top spot would be dedicated to this fact. 363 more words


Friday letters: the Easter cakes edition

Dear Mr Kipling,  I was very excited earlier this week to spot that you have produced some special Lemon Fancies to wish us all a Hoppy Easter (following on from the success of your orange Fiendish Fancies for Hallowe’en and your white Frosty Fancies for Christmas).  364 more words



A behavioural scientist from the University of Bonce has alleged that Mr Kipling, maker of ‘exceedingly good cakes’, could also be a cognitive therapist.

“Mr Kipling is a master of using operant conditioning, specifically the reinforcement technique, to enforce repeated behaviour”, the Professor said, adding: “if every time a chimp pushes a button it gets a treat, the chimp keeps pushing the button. 196 more words


The Great Battenberg Disaster

After trying the doughnut cupcakes, next on my list was a Battenberg cake.  I wasn’t terrified by a Battenberg, I thought that the challenge would be in sticking it together.  1,103 more words

Sponge Cakes

Bakewell Tart

The Bakewell Tart is a true British classic, thanks in part I’m sure to the sweet Cherry Bakewell made famous by Mr Kipling. The actual history of the Bakewell Pudding, as it originally was, is a little unclear, but it’s safe to say it probably originated in the English town of Bakewell and a nice summary of the history can be found on… 700 more words


Mr kipling

A bit different from your usual fashion and textiles today. 265 more words