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A little bit of what you fancy.

We often get asked what we miss most, aside from friends and family obviously. Certain things always spring to mind, for me fish fingers and Galaxy Minstrels, for Dave it’s cheese. 105 more words


Iconic election poster gets Mr Kipling treatment

Mr Kipling has recreated one of the most famous election posters of all time – with French Fancies.

‘Biscuits Aren’t Working’ marks the final days of the General Election campaign by reimagining the Conservative Party’s 1979 poster, replacing the straplines with baking-related messaging. 39 more words


Life is better with cake..& Mr Kiplings..& Friends

Lick your lips… break out the Cherry Bakewells..today is about CAKE.

I sometimes will review and talk about other things than crafting..however…today ( thanks to the lipsmackingly gorgeous Mr Kipling cakes) I can talk about cake..and craft too! 506 more words

Life IS better with Cake!

I love cake.

If I were to write facts about me, near the top and quite possibly the top spot would be dedicated to this fact. 363 more words


Friday letters: the Easter cakes edition

Dear Mr Kipling,  I was very excited earlier this week to spot that you have produced some special Lemon Fancies to wish us all a Hoppy Easter (following on from the success of your orange Fiendish Fancies for Hallowe’en and your white Frosty Fancies for Christmas).  364 more words



A behavioural scientist from the University of Bonce has alleged that Mr Kipling, maker of ‘exceedingly good cakes’, could also be a cognitive therapist.

“Mr Kipling is a master of using operant conditioning, specifically the reinforcement technique, to enforce repeated behaviour”, the Professor said, adding: “if every time a chimp pushes a button it gets a treat, the chimp keeps pushing the button. 196 more words


The Great Battenberg Disaster

After trying the doughnut cupcakes, next on my list was a Battenberg cake.  I wasn’t terrified by a Battenberg, I thought that the challenge would be in sticking it together.  1,103 more words

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