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'WWE' Goes Animated With 'Surfs Up 2: WaveMania'

WWE’s history with cinematic offerings has been sketchy at best but their Animated ventures have proven far popular with Sony now getting in on the action with… 151 more words

Films & TV

Ambrose vs. McMahon "No Chance In Hell"

Imagine if only WWE creative were in fact creative. Its been a low year for WWE creative. Trying to force feed a DIVAS revolution instead of just letting it happen organically as it did in NXT. 200 more words


Roman Reigns Is Your New WWE Champion & #RAW Finally Had Some Life Injected Into It Last Night

If you ever need proof that when WWE builds something right it almost always works, check out the main event of last night’s Raw. The story here is Roman Reigns is sick and tired of winning the big one only to have it taken away, whether it be by Seth Rollins, Sheamus or some other member of the Authority. 233 more words

Letter to creative

Dear WWE,

The reality of this era is, its not working. It’s not captivating, it’s unmemorable, and at times unbearable. When I think back to my childhood where I would countdown the days until Monday at 9pm, even more than I would for Christmas or birthdays, wrestling was over the top, not practical, but that was the appeal of it. 815 more words