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Happy Birthday Dad

Today my dad is celebrating his 82nd birthday, I took this pic a couple weeks ago in his hometown of Champaign Illinois. On a note, he was born in Hamilton Ontario Canada and still has family there and I guess that makes me Canadian by proxy.. 10 more words


Touching up....

I went outside to find out what Ohiophotogrl was doing.

She had been outside collecting some of the lawn ornaments so she could touch them up. 17 more words

| Be Bold |

My biggest regret of my school days is that I took on this strange persona as a shy girl, only really confident with those whom I was close with. 214 more words


| There's Still Hope |

There are often times where things do not work out the way we hope that they would. There are times where we dream about a certain moment for years only to have it tick every single one of our disappointment boxes. 327 more words


1 year of Pickles bliss!

I can’t believe but it’s been 1 year since this cute, sassy, loving toothless wonder came into my life!

A year ago when Marg & Mathew dropped him off to start their new life/adventure in Oz I had no idea this little man would melt my heart! 37 more words


Peas in a pod

During our journey for a diagnosis for Mr M, I had one of those ‘OH!’ moments, when something that should have been as plain as day, 422 more words


A little epiphany

I was standing at the kitchen sink the other day and happened to glance out the window in time to watch Little Miss Attitude pick her way delicately across the lawn 192 more words