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Tejas Bandekar

Better known as Mr Perfect Pianist,is a Youtuber.

Born-18 January 2001





Bandekar Tejas

WWF at Madison Square Garden (19 Mar 1990) - Perfect, Warrior, Martel, Bret!

WWF at Madison Square Garden – 19 March 1990 (Madison Square Garden, New York)

The card is terrible absolute dog shit. When you’ve got Pez Whatley and Tugboat in the semi-main event, you know you know the show is destined for the bin. 498 more words


WWE Monday Night Raw Episode 3 (25/01/1993)

In episodes 1 & 2 of Monday Night Raw, WWE had presented a show with a faster pace and a grittier feel than its other broadcasts of the period, with episode 3, it delivered, for the first time, a show that felt important, vital even. 2,396 more words


WWE Monday Night Raw Episode 2 (18/01/1993)

While the general ‘feel’ and pace of the debut episode of Monday Night Raw was certainly a welcome change to that which had come before, it is fair to say that WWE encountered a number of teething problems with it also. 2,027 more words


Love letter...

I miss you, the feel of your skin on my fingers, the smell of your hair, the taste of your lips. I miss the way you feel laying next to me, the soft rise and fall of your breath, the look of your eyes on soft focus staring into mine. 454 more words

Mr Perfect

Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior vs. Mr Perfect & The Genius – WWF (27 Jan 1990)

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event – 27 January 1990 (UTC Arena, Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Can the new Megapowers (what are they called, the Ultimate Maniacs? That’s fitting) co-exist? 391 more words


Wooden gold

A traveling storyteller once visited a village. Her story revolved around two men. One, Mr. Perfect, was the most righteous man ever born. And the other, Mr. 95 more words