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Zuma fights back - “pay back the money” asked and answered!

He added that whenever Parliament requested him to come to Parliament, he made time.

“I’ve never refused. I was standing here (on August 21) having not refused, having not dodged to answer questions in Parliament as you have been saying, up to that day I’ve never. 78 more words

President Jacob Zuma answers questions in National Assembly, 11 March

President Jacob Zuma will be in the National Assembly Chamber on Wednesday, 11 March 2015 for oral replies to questions by Members of Parliament.

Details are as follows: 53 more words

Why is the president called Mr. President, when both Mr. and President, are titles? Isn't it like calling a doctor "Mr. Doctor"?

Answer by Mike Mendis:

Your observation is absolutely correct. It highlights the fact that there are many aspects of English that are not logical or rational. 249 more words


Day 127: Meeting Your Heroes

It is an exciting day indeed when you finally come face to face with one of your heroes.

For so long you have dreamed of this moment….and then all of a sudden they are standing right in front of you in the feathers! 124 more words

Shannon Cutts

Meet Teddy

My partner, Orestes, and I adopted a puppy in mid-January. Although we have been talking about adopting a pup and casually looking through adoption websites for months, this adoption was spur of the moment. 206 more words

Teddy Roosevelt

A Tale of Two Evils - Nigeria 2015.

That phrase “the lesser of two evils” has been basterdized and clichéd in my opinion and as such should be relegated into the annals of verbiage, evil is neither less nor more. 1,113 more words

A Little More Kindness