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The Follow Through...

Kenyans, we need to stop with our hypocrisy.

Trust me. This is not just another tired rant.

44 hours. The amount of time The President of the United States Barrack Obama spent in Kenya, majority of which was spent delivering life changing, inspirational speeches. 927 more words


An Open Letter

Dear Mr. President,

I vividly remember standing under the scotching sun for 8 hours on the 4th of March, 2013.It was the first time I ever exercised my civic duty; I did not sleep the night prior to the election, no one at home did, we sat up painting a successful Kenya under your government. 743 more words

In My Head

A Translation of an Honest Amazing Article on Juan Orlando and the Protests rocking the country

Going to translate an excellent article by Alexandria Hidalgo. I’d love your thoughts!

Mr. President:

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for the outraged citizens of Honduras. 802 more words


Letter to the president

This is a LIVE LETTER currently being populated with recommendations from Kenyans of various walks of life and is to be submitted to him next week. 1,703 more words


THIS TUESDAY! REDRUM: "School House Rocked"

The long awaited Redrum episode airs on the Investigation Discovery Channel this Tuesday, May 19th at 9PM EST.  Curl up on your couch in anticipation and watch as we recreate this true-life-drama with me as… 13 more words

Misti Dawn Garritano

From my class--Were I to talk to President Obama

Were I to talk to the President on one of the top issues of the country today, and choose an issue I think he can relate with personally–and then present a solution, I might say this within 2-3 minutes: 598 more words

Mr President, open your eyes.

Dear Mr President,

I live in Johannesburg, without a doubt, a first class African city. Sadly that standard of living is not as high in other parts of the country. 968 more words

South Africa