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Man Brain Podcast Beyond Trump Offensive

I’ve offended myself…

I just found the most disgusting, misogynistic, spit-take funny podcast rant in my head, and I’m so ashamed and embarrassed, I don’t know what to do. 132 more words

Pop Culture

NEMRA Spring 2016 Conference Pics - New England Chapter of the MRA

Better late than never!

You can view the 456 Photographs from the 2016 Spring NEMRA event HERE! Feel free to share the link with anyone and on any sites you wish – if anyone needs a high resolution file of any of the posted pictures, send me an email at nsdavis@optonline.net. 46 more words

Career Women in Denial

Writer/Actor/Director Mindy Kaling whines that she can’t find the “right” guy. Yes, we have heard this song over and over again. However, she is a perfect perfect illustration of a modern day woman. 279 more words


Shackles Beyond Divorce

My ex resumed outside-the-home work when the oldest child started college. Now my ex is earning over $100,000 a year and has no mortgage on our former marital home. 302 more words


MGTOW in Chilean Media

A Chilean media publish an article about MGTOW, and they compared us to Men’s Right Movements.

I want to clarify numerous mistake they made.

We are not try not trying teach “men to be masculine”, nor we want “women to feminine”. 52 more words


Benefits of “Mechanised Alluvial Mining” Explained

LOOP | November 4, 2016

The third annual PNG Alluvial Mining Convention & Trade Show started yesterday at the National Sports Institute in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province. 162 more words

Papua New Guinea

MRA and me

Over the weekend I got into a little skirmish with the TERFs of Twitter, of if you would prefer, a TERFwar. Whereas very little came out of it, one thing that did was me getting called an MRA, for something rather peculiar. 479 more words