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Zeus: MRA

Leaning in, ‘Kiss me.’

Leaning away, ‘You’re a goose.’

Leaning further in, ‘I’m a swan.’

Leaning further away, ‘That’s only a significant difference to other swans.’ 375 more words

Short Stories

Dean Esmay quits A Voice for Men in what he seems to kind of want us to think is an amicable split

In the wee hours of the morning, this morning, there was a great disturbance on the Internet, as if millions of shitposters suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.  340 more words


A sensible discussion about marriage. I thought it would never happen.

I just found a very interesting article  that was published back in April by the Daily Mail. The article is worthy of attention because it’s not everyday that anti-feminist groups get favorable media coverage. 1,100 more words

The Vatican Meets Nicaragua, Scientology, and The Unification Church - Get On Your Knees World!

Besides being a continuation of my earlier research already posted, this will also be the first part of what will go into my research of the whole dark underbelly of Vatican/British/American anglophiles “drug rehabilitation” programs, and what they were… 33,706 more words

Historical Research

Woolley Moor United fold and will play under the name of Doe Lea AFC for the forthcoming season.

The Midlands Regional Alliance waves goodbye to Woolley Moor United who have been an ever-present member of the Step Eight league.
202 more words



A quick, short, and slightly stupid point…

The WordPress statistics say that this search term recently sent traffic here:

do females like the damsel in distress trope…

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What men "for equality" should know

Sorry, Egalitarians, as they call themselves. Apparently the be-all, end-all of objectiveness, an egalitarian is entirely unbiased, as opposed to biased  feminists.

That’s what they try to tell themselves. 738 more words