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This Guy's Mom Catches Him Sharing A Sexist Meme And Shames Him Hard

This is one of those stories that may not be real, but us jaded internet souls may need to simply loosen up and embrace the madness. 271 more words


I'm kinda getting sick of this Idea that Feminism Can be for Everyone

I’m kinda getting sick of this idea that Feminism can be for everyone. Men & Women are different. And that’s okay. What Feminism is … well … that’s hate, and envy, and misappropriation of historic truth disguised as something that doesn’t exist – EQUALITY. 1,138 more words


Feminism: One Long False Rape Allegation

Modern day feminism can be seen as an allegory for a false rape allegation, where girls deny their own agency in committing a joint act so they don’t get scolded for their bad behaviour, like when they have sex with their best-friend’s boyfriend or when they know their parents wouldn’t approve. 791 more words

The Only Winning Move is Not to Play

A new piece of mine just went live on the fabulous website The Ontological Geek, which publishes philosophical explorations of video games, pop culture, and the Internet.  381 more words

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Delusional Feminist Laments Over Fathers' Equal Rights

I say give them as much camera time as possible. It’s a wonderful recruiting tool for the shared parenting movement.