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Reddit's ban of altright is symptom of censor gone wild

Here are the facts before I comment: Reddit banned the altright sub because of promoting ‘Due to abuse, harassment, racism, shitposting, racist-shitposting’ (no I am not making that up, that is the real reason, straight from the site) it caused a predictable reaction from wing leaning people, but surprisingly there was a LOT of leftists celebrating ‘the banning of these genocidal nazis’.  268 more words

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Might is Right pt 1

I am reading ‘might is right’ and it is a surprisingly legit book, essentially he hates ‘slave religions and laws’ so takes major issue with christians, jews, laws and politicians.  159 more words

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Actual good values of the Left, and why we should consider allying with segments pt1

For new readers let me state some things up front: I grew up an extreme leftist, super hard core environmentalist.  Never liked feminism at all but appreciated workers rights. 368 more words

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Whether to Call Yourself a Feminist

I can’t be the only woman in America struggling with whether or not to call herself a “feminist.”

Deep in my heart, I know things still aren’t equal. 922 more words

The co-option of the alt-right by the jews

A really good story you need to read is here http://www.returnofkings.com/113075/anti-jewish-owner-of-the-daily-shoah-podcast-mike-enoch-outed-as-having-a-jewish-wife , long story short the leader of this ultra right website is…surprise…a jew.

This is the same guy that charged the stage at some meeting and did a ‘heil hitler’ salute which of course the media ate up.  213 more words

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MRA says mine MoAs should be public and independently audited every year...

… so what are Philip Samar and MRA doing to make sure that happens? 

Freddy Mou | Loop PNG | 18 January 2017

The Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) is calling for an improvement on how revised mining projects Memorandum of Agreements (MoA) are administered. 232 more words

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