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Cognitive Dissonance: Lehmo vs Trump

“As a straight white male I rarely have the opportunity to be offended…”

Comedian, television and radio host, Anthony ‘Lehmo’ Lehmann, joined an international chorus in denouncing Donald Trump in the wake of his latest scandal.

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The future for men starts in the classroom

I have said before that today the doors of opportunity are open, and I do not deny that in the past they were closed to people because of race and gender. 1,430 more words


Reproductive rights for men: use the legalization of drugs argument to address babymamaism in the black community

“Consent to sex is not a consent to fatherhood”  Thugtician

The right for men to decide when and if they’re ready to parent and with whom is the  legalization of drugs argument in the reproductive rights arena.   218 more words


ASEAN Competency Based Training and Assessment Competency Standards

As the team is made up of certified ASEAN and National Master Trainers and Assessors, we specialize in competency based training and assessment of ASEAN Common Competency for Tourism Professionals, established and agreed upon in the… 5,400 more words

ASEAN Integration

Know The Brand

We often make references to “Living the Brand”, which covers not just how you present yourself but also how you approach working on a new project. 393 more words

Mobile Tours

Insights Assn. on way. MRers IGNORING customer comments. (RBDR 09.13.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) CASRO and MRA will merge to form the new Insights Association if the memberships of both groups sign off.

2) It is startling and hard to believe that a large percentage of market researchers are deliberately paying no attention to the comments of customers in their research. 87 more words

RFL Communications

The rise of Red Pill philosophy and neo‑misogyny 

Ciaran Colleran analyses the emergence of right wing ‘men’s rights’ groups

‘Men’s Right’s Activism’ and Red Pill Philosophy first revealed itself to the public in 2014 when Elliot Rodgers, who was associated with the movement, went on a murderous rampage, killing six people. 2,168 more words

Marxism And Oppression