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Feminism in One Word (Submission for Thorium Response)

Feminism in one word? Conceit. It promotes the negative experiences of a subset of women, as center of narrative gravity, and does so with a dehumanizing disregard for those outside the role of protagonist.

Thorium Video:


If your reaction to Reddit's banning of FatPeopleHate was "we're next," please examine your choices in life

As most of you are no doubt aware, Reddit recently banned the incredibly shitty FatPeopleHate subreddit for harassment. Naturally, members of Reddit’s many other incredibly shitty subreddits — including KotakuInAction, the main GamerGate hangout on Reddit, and of course the Men’s Rights subreddit — are afraid… 238 more words


Blaming the White Males Again?

“White men are responsible for this” was all I drew from the multitude of articles somehow blaming the entire demographic that I happened to be apart of for the Charleston shootings. 382 more words


One thing the media could talk about more

… is the problem of the hateful white male. Let’s stop calling them “angry.” Let’s use the correct word. Hateful.

Not a week goes by without a racist white cop going berserk on a victim of color that may or may not leave them dead. 462 more words

Pride: End of the Big Tent?

Historically, much of the success of the LGBTQ movement has been attributable to its ability to create a Big Tent. By creating a community that shared a common view on gay rights… 908 more words

Social Issues

Alluvial mining offers the prospect of real prosperity for PNG people

Alluvial mining means prosperity for PNG people not profits for foreign mining companies

It is part of a model for our development that follows the National Goals and Development Principles laid out in our Constitution… 22 more words

Papua New Guinea

Neomisogyny: The New Hate Group of the 21st Century

I don’t use the unscrupulous term of “men’s rights” simply because this makes their white boy’s club a thing. It’s not a thing – it’s an invidious and unfortunate backlash to social progress and our current century. 885 more words