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What's Worse Than Dying Alone? I'll Tell Ya.

So last night, as I slept fitfully in my fortress of bachelor solitude, in my dreams, my father came to me and he said:

“Son, I understand all this MGTOW and MRA stuff you’re doing right now, and I’m not gonna say that you’re wrong in any of your points, but my point to you is ‘What’s worse than dying alone?'” 1,146 more words

Sexual Politics

"You're a feminist because I said so!" (also known as Coercive Conversion)


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Coercive conversion is when members of groups/ideologies label non-members as members, regardless of whether the non-member is comfortable being labeled. 1,265 more words


I just watched "The Red Pill"

I just hit the close button on my video player after watching the red pill and I am sitting in stunned silence as I write this piece. 400 more words

A Voice For Men

My story: Life after a subarachnoid haemorrhage.

Lots of people ask what happened that day, that week, that month, and lots don’t really know how to ask – so I’ve put pen to paper so to speak, and documented the sequence of events leading to my rupture and subsequently what happened that dark dreary November afternoon back in 2012 – a process that helped with coming to terms with what happened that day, and ultimately what might have been – if it wasn’t for the extremely quick reactions of my husband and parents, I would never have survived the massive subarachnoid haemorrhage I suffered that day. 3,893 more words

Wavelet Analysis or MRA

Although the Fourier transform is a very powerful tool for data analysis, it has some limit due to lack of time information. From physics point of view, any time-data should live in time-frequency space. 425 more words


Gender Wage Gap: Myth or Fact?

Spoiler Alert:  It’s somewhere in between.

In Canada, the Gender Wage Gap shows that a female full-time worker makes 73.5 cents to every dollar a male full-time worker makes. 566 more words