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Mrs J's Earl Grey sorbet

In just a few weeks time, Mrs J’s niece will come to visit her. She’s just turned 4 and it will be her first time in an airplane and her first visit to Mrs J’s house. 423 more words

Mrs J Cooks

Scandals and salmon

So let’s talk for a minute about the most recent major food scandal. Horse meat being passed off as beef.

Mrs J was not terribly surprised. 352 more words

Mrs J Cooks

Mrs J's fake electric banana ice-cream

If you are a Scando of Mrs J’s generation you probably remember the Electric Banana Band. They showed up on kids-TV in late 19frozetodeath and produced a number of earworms, including one title called (roughly translated from original Scando) … 267 more words

Mrs J Cooks

Juicy, Mrs J

Technically, this isn’t a cooking post. But it is a technical cooking post, sort of, since it features a gadget.

Meet Mrs J’s juicer.

Mrs J’s juicer was bought quite some time ago. 288 more words

Mrs J Cooks

Mrs J's presto pesto

If you’re lucky enough to be expecting guests for a longer period of time such as, say, just before or after a major holiday, you’re probably looking for ways to minimize your time in the kitchen while maximizing flavour in the food. 448 more words

Mrs J Cooks

Mrs J's cold weather warming stew

It’s cold outside and we’re cooking stew. A good stew to warm us up as we wait for the next winter storm is always a hit. 468 more words

Mrs J Cooks


Being Scando, you might assume that Mrs J has been to the North Pole as a matter of course. That she was taught how to tame polar bears in middle school. 495 more words

Mrs J Cooks